Sunday, 3 April 2016

DevBlog #13 - Social features and private space revamp

Greetings all,

Welcome to our weekly devblog! This week we updated the PS4 alpha for our Kickstarter backers: you'll find now that PS4 users can play cross-platform with PC users, on the same server!

We also added more social features and created more content for the avatar customisation, private and public spaces.

Progress on our private spaces

Our friends at SubD Studio updated the Mirage house to make it bigger, more polished. They added furniture and a day and night cycle. Find below some exclusive screenshots!

Weekly Developer Activity


  • added scaffoldings and cranes in the hub
  • created more headgear accessories


  • adding social features to the avatar's actions menu


  • Fixed PS4 alpha
  • improving chat and social features


  1. Nice DevBlog for this week. I wasn't sure if there was going to be one since Dave is on vacation so thanks for posting this. I did notice that with yesterday's update to the PS4 Alpha, cross-play between PC and PS4 is now working which is great because then our Community Meetup today can include any PC user along with any PS4 Alpha tester! :) I have seen those images of the re-mastered Mirage space as I received them from Sub D as well a little over a week ago to be included in a follow up to my interview I did with them for J.F.C & The Virtual Community as posted to the AU Forum Site ( and J.F.C Facebook page ( which mentions that they have been working on re-mastering the space. I got several other pics of the space for both day and night cycles which I'll include in that interview along with some commentary from them. :) Nice to hear about the art work being done for the Hub and head accessories as well as the design for the avatar actions menu which I had seen a while ago in the Early Access version without them being functional yet (Message, Invite, Block, Report). I'm looking forward to the improved chat & social features too as I know they are critical to the game. :)

  2. So, just now finding out about this but AWESOME! I got the Steam version obviously not much there now buy looks great so far. I posted about Atom Universe on the Homelings webpage hopefully it generates more traffic. I will be messaging all my old PS Home friends on PSN about Atom Universe driving some awareness there. Also I wanted to leave some feedback for the Dev's.

    1. I use a controller and I play inverted you got to add inverted look option.

    2. Kickstarter fundraiser UK only WTF!!!!! You need to do a NA kickstarter campaign or at least add a paypal donate option I know a dozen people who would be willing to donate 20 bucks each to help get this going (including me).

    3. I know you gotta give the funders some bonus stuff for donating but getting the Alpha/Betas on PS4 only for backers I think is a little near sited. Give them something good like a free space and open up the Alpha and Betas to help generate awareness and let participants invite their friends. Also a pre-order option might be a good thing to offer in the Beta.

    Later for now looks great so far can't wait till an official release.

    1. Thank you for your kind comments. I would be interested to find out more detail about your inverted controls, the best bet is for you to report this on our forum: with a bit more detail so we can try and reproduce this bug. Our Kickstarter campaign is over.

    2. @AtomRepublic The inverted Y-axis issue has been reported both on the AU forums and Steam forums by many people. It's not a bug, it's a missing feature. It is present in many video games but not in AU yet. Many players, especially those who play a lot of FPS games, are used to being able to set an option to invert the Y-axis so that pushing down on the controller joystick makes you look up and pushing up on the controller joystick makes you look down which is opposite from the default behavior. So you need to add an option in the game to be able to set this like other video games.

  3. I've published the follow up interview for J.F.C. & The Virtual Community with SubD Studio that discusses their remastering the Mirage House here: which includes the pics shared in this DevBlog along with other pics, including a couple exclusive ones for J.F.C. & The Virtual Community. :)

  4. Looks like the social features that were mentioned under "Design" and recent DevBlogs before this are now available in a new patch for the Early Access version for PC, patch