Friday, 29 July 2016

DevBlog #30 - Advancements in the Clothing Department

Greetings and welcome to another DevBlog!

This week, we're happy to say that first implementation clothing has now been added into Atom Universe!

It's time to break away from your leather space suits and time to kick back in some more casual clothing.

With v0.3.9.4112 Steam Early Access players can try out the new attire by opting into our Kingpin branch, but please do remember that if you're wanting to attend this Saturday's Block Party you will need to opt-out and return back to the public branch.

Mix up your style with clothes and accessories. 

While this being the first implementation, the clothing options are quite limited. Adam will have a choice of two t-shirts, two sets of trousers and two types of shoes. Whereas Eve will be able to choice from a tank-top, trousers, fabulous looking black dress and two pairs of shoes. Swimwear is also available for both avatars, so if you find yourself in the Mirage House, it's time to catch some sunshine!

You'll also be able to change the colour of certain pieces of clothing from the User panel in the main menu. This way, you'll be able to keep your avatars looks pretty fresh until we're able to add more clothing to the wardrobe!

We're still working on bringing this update to the public version Steam and PlayStation 4. Once we've  got any additional information available, we'll be posting it right here on our blog.

Friday, 22 July 2016

DevBlog #29 - First Look of the Treasure Island

Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

Previously, in DevBlog #25 we released a mysterious screenshot taking from inside a darkened hut looking through a window onto a clear blue ocean, which we dubbed as the "Top Secret Project". 

Now, we know you're all waiting for more details about this space and it just so happens that KaptinFathead has got the latest news about this space!

Video by KaptinFathead

What do we know so far? 

The "Top Secret Project" is known as Treasure Island. It's still in development and it will be getting added to Atom Universe as a Private Space. The Treasure Island will be our largest Private Space to date. Ranging from sandy beaches to a tropical forest, a mighty pirate galleon to homely fishermen huts. 

We'll be looking to add an additional mini-game exclusive to the Treasure Island. There will also be exclusive rewards that you'll be able to unlock as you progress through the mini-game. we will be taking a closer look at these feature at a later date. 

You'll be able to take a stroll down the beach and walk into the water up to waist height, but you won't able to go for a swim just yet. Once more, swimming is another mechanic we'll be looking to implement at a later date. 

Currently, the Treasure Island is only explorable during the daytime, but we'll be looking to include a day and night cycle that's similar to SubD Studio's Mirage House

We would love to hear your thoughts about the Treasure Island, please feel free to post them down below. 

That about wraps things up for this week, until next time, peace. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

DevBlog #28 - Avatar Customization and Planning

Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

Now, it's no secret. One of the more popular topics that often gets mentioned is Avatar Customization. Recently, we released a new batch of avatar accessories and while the accessories are becoming more and more in-depth, it's just not enough for some...

This week, Avatar Customization has been a hot topic around the studio and something that the Atom Republic team are currently looking into is clothing.

Ideally, in  Atom Universe we all want to express ourselves with our sense of fashion, whether you're wanting to look smart, casual, futuristic or maybe you just want run around in a Mankini. When it comes down to fashion the potential is next to limitless. 

Currently, we've got some ideas and plans floating around the studio and we'll be looking to show them off at a later date. That said, we'd also like to hear from you! What type clothing do you like? What would you like to dress your avatar up with? And, what style of do you want to see around the Atom Universe world? 

If you've got some thoughts floating around the ol' noggin, or you've got some images that you think are worth sharing. Head over to our Official Forums and share you ideas with us and the rest of the community. 

Photo credits: Pexels

Friday, 8 July 2016

DevBlog #27 – New PlayStation 4 and Steam Early Access Update

Greetings and welcome to this week’s Devblog. Today, we’re going to taking a closer look at Yesterday’s update for Early Access players.

Mirage House

SubD Studio’s Mirage House makes its return to Atom Universe. Kickstarter backers will remember that the Mirage House was the first Private Space in Atom Universe. Now, this minimalist space has been completely reiterated.

The first big change is the beautiful day and night cycle, now you’ll be able to sit by the pool and watch the sun set over the landscape. Kickstarter backers may also remember that the original Mirage House had two floors with enough space for seating and a bedroom. Now the newly design space is much bigger across one floor with additional seating areas and stylish fireplace.

Outside, the swimming pool lights up at night illuminates the side on the property in crisp blue light. Behind the property, lights shine upon the palms trees, giving the landscape a warm glow.


The avatar customization menu has received a lot more accessories in this new update. In fact, over 75 new accessories have added to help give your avatar a little bit more diversity. Now your avatar will be able to wear a wide range of head accessories, wings, swords, shields and tails.

Performance Improvements

With this update comes some much needed performance improvements, most notably within the Hub. The Hub frame rate has now been increased and when you’re travelling around you’re less likely to come across those nasty frame rate drops.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Patch Notes: v03.7.4112

Good afternoon everyone,

We've got a new update for all Early Access players on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Let's get to the juicy details of what's new and what's changed.

Patch Notes:

  • E-mail registration screen has now been added to front-end menu (we promise not to spam you)
  • EULA has now been added to the front-end menu
  • Animated loading screens between level transitions 
  • More avatar accessories will soon be available
  • Cinematic screen in the front-end menu
  • Fixed importing PSN friends
  • The Bowling mini-game has been improved
  • Performance improvement for the Arcade Plaza
  • Pop-up window above the chat for in-game notifications (you don't want to miss those friend requests)
  • Mirage House Private Space is now available for all players
  • New Welcome screens added to Public and Private spaces
  • New Friendly NPC guides have been added to provide you with details about the space you're in
  • Various bug fixes with network and server connections
  • Added messaging and confirmation dialogues added in various places in-game
  • Performance improvements for the Hub 
  • UI confirmation dialogues to show all in-game error messages

Friday, 1 July 2016

DevBlog #26 - Upcoming Music and Weekly Developer Activity

Greeting and welcome to this rather musical DevBlog. This we'll take a look at some of the upcoming musicians that will be featured within the next update for Atom Universe. And, we'll be also be having a little catch-up with the development team and see what they've been working on this week.

First in the new line-up is Electro House duo the Cyberpunkers, with the dancefloor stomper Drop It. The Italian DJ's KENKODE & SKINFACE have drawing a lot of attention themselves from the European media and ended up the centre of attention with their original look, consisting of masks which hides their true identity and for the originality of their shows, in which they use two consoles at once, powered by several audio machines.

The Canada based music producer and songwriter Veela teams up with the upcoming electronica duo The Odd Chaps to bring us True Colours, this chilled Electronic mix. The vocalist delivers a powerful performance in this piece of work, and not forgetting the melodic piano or groovy bass guitar licks.

Upcoming Sydney based Carl Elliot AKA Empia, delivers us Night Jungle a progressive journey through smooth rhythmic melodies and fast paced synth chops. This track will be an emotional journey on the dancefloor.

Lo Air brings us two additional tracks with Day and Night, and Heart on Fire both  of these tracks feature lively instrument samples, the beat and rhythm that you only find in the best of the Deep House genre. And very immersive vocals.

Music producer and live performer Cavaro is characterised for making Tropical House, R&B and Trap influenced music mixed with different elements from other styles and genres, always versatile, but with a unique sense of identity. Currently residing in Australia managing his own record label RKJ Music, Cavaro's Second Chance featuring Dominique reached the number 9 spot in the iTunes Electronic Charts.

Bursting into the EDM scene is the 23 year old producer REDMOON. Based in singapore, this young soul is not an amateur having produced for 9 years and counting. He first made a name for himself internationally after signing when he was just 16 and has since had his music played across the globe by artists such as The Chainsmokers, Project46, Lucky Date and many more. Having released under some of the world’s major league labels such as the critically acclaimed Spinnin’ Records & Monstercat has made him one of the top music producers in the Singapore.

Latvia based Tobu, tries to capture the perfect sounds and melodies that makes your ears happy. With Summer Breeze, Tobu takes you on a chilled out journey through a various soundscape of sounds and samples that you would imagine to hear at all your summer parties.

Known for their jazzy chord stabs, funky electric leads, heavy bass design, and a healthy dose of traditional instruments and samples, the duo SugarBeats has steadily stepped up the bar in their own brand of Glitch Hop and Future Funk since they launched in 2012.

Weekly Developer Activity: 


  • Implementing new avatar accessories.
  • Various bug fixing.


  • Adding additional information to the main menu UI.
  • Adding registration process.


  • Profiling and optimising the Hub's performance.
  • Various bug fixing.


  • Plotting and planning a new community strategy.
  • Working on a new in-game video (will be shared on YouTube next week).