Thursday, 30 April 2015

Vote Before May 5th in the "Pitch to Rich" Campaign!

We have slipped to #50 in the Virgin Media "Pitch to Rich" Campaign. We urgently need your votes and for you to spread the word. We only have about 5 more days to make it into the semi-finals, so we need to stay in the top 50 for another week. 

Can we get more votes please? It only takes 1 minute, I promise!

JAM Games Now Partners with Atom Universe!

We are pleased to announce JAM Games as our latest partner! 

JAM Games was the most prolific boutique Home developer, creator of the Tour Bus, Living furniture and Jive collections, to name a few of their iconic creations. Now they will provide more exciting content in Atom Universe, and we are thrilled to welcome them on board!

Friday, 24 April 2015

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Pitch to Rich Votes Still Needed

Atom Universe is in the top 50 of the ‪#‎PitchtoRich‬ competition, but anything can still happen... Please tell all your friends to vote!…/start…/atom-republic/

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Vote UP! For Atom Universe

Atom Universe has been submitted to Steam's Greenlight, if you have a Steam account and would like to see this game on Steam, please vote us up! 

Friday, 17 April 2015

Pitch to Rich Competition

We have entered a competition called "Pitch to Rich", to get media coverage for ‪#‎AtomUniverse‬. Please can you vote for us? Just click here:  Pitch to Rich  You don't even have to fill out a huge profile to be able to vote, just a quick three questions, then verify your email address and you can vote.

The first prize is a £150,000 marketing campaign: that would really help us get some great publicity. 


Thursday, 16 April 2015

More Private Spaces From the Contest Winners!

We are happy to announce Sergio Isaev, Noel Toro and Lyndon Hamer as winners of our private space contest! We are looking forward to publishing their private spaces in ‪AtomUniverse‬.

We have had a tremendous response to our competition, and some of the entries looked really stunning. We have selected two winners, who will officially become content providers for Atom Universe: namely the duet Sergio Isaev and Noel Toro, and solo artist Lyndon Hamer. Sergio and Noel built a beautiful cave house with an infinity pool and a minimalistic interior, which offers spectacular views:

 Lyndon made a traditional English pub, complete with pool tables. We love the attention to detail and the cosy atmosphere. It looks superb! Congratulations Lyndon.

We are looking forward to publishing those two private spaces in Atom Universe!
We've had a few more contestants who did show some encouraging contributions, but didn't look as final and still seem to need a lot of work, so we'll give them a bit more time to finalize their environments. But we can see the potential, and are looking forward to their progress. In the meantime here is a snapshot of what some of them did, to wet your appetite:
Feeka games sent us a beautiful cathedral interior, which really looks promising:

Steven White started a stylish house in a rocky garden, whic could evolve into something really sweet:

W.I.P. Day & Night Cycle for Atom Universe

A lot of you asked for a day and night cycle in ‪#‎AtomUniverse‬, so it's not always too dark. So we have been working on it, and I wanted to share our W.I.P. with you.

Thank You!

Thank you so much to our 280 backers: with your contribution, we have enough finance to bring you the first release on PC and PS4!

For those of you who still want to make donations, you can use PayPal: send your payments to and the same rewards as in the KickStarter will apply.

The more funding we get, the quicker we can release Atom Universe!

Kick Starter Goal Made!

The Kick Starter project was successfully funded with 280 backers, £25,073 pledged of £20,000 goal! Thank you to everyone that pledged and supported us on Kick Starter!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Article en francais à propos d'Atom Universe..

Amis francais, voici un premier article par @IMGMR dans notre langue sur Atom UniverseIci ...#‎AtomUniverse‬.

NEW Demo!

Here are some examples of what you can do in our latest demo...

You can download the latest demo from HERE for the PC.

*The PS4 demo is available from the PS store, but doesn't have all the new features marked "PC footage" in the video.

Does your Avatar need Diamonds?

We have a new pledge level: for £1,000 get an exclusive avatar in a diamond costume!

Musicians Join Atom Universe

Musician Daniel DiMarchi and Electro band Akiba join ‪#‎AtomUniverse‬
See our Kick Starter update for details:

Custom Items on Atom Universe for Your Club or Group!

Does your club or group want a custom item?

Get in touch and pledge before the end of the Kick Starter... 
Only hours left...we don't have long!

Thursday, 9 April 2015

GUI - (Graphical User Interface) 3 - "Action" & 4 - "Locomotion"

Although we had a bit of a break while we held multiple Q & A events to inform the PSN Home community about Atom Universe before saying goodbye to PSN Home, and starting our big KickStarter campaign, we want to finish telling you about the 4 GUI in Atom Universe. 

Once again, the GUI (Graphical User Interface): Abbreviated GUI (pronounced GOO-ee), is a program interface that takes advantage of the computer's graphics capabilities to make the program easier to use.

The last two GUI in our 4-part blog are the "Action," and the "Locomotion."

Action -

In Atom Universe, Graphical User Interface (GUI) is a way to interact with your avatar. One of the GUI in Atom Universe is the "Action" icon which allows your avatar to solo dance or have movement.

Locomotion - 

In Atom Universe, GUI is a way to interact with your avatar. One of the GUI in Atom Universe is the "Locomotion" icon which allows your avatar to ride in a vehicle and allow other avatars to hitch a ride in your vehicle.

Concept For Future Roller Coaster

Today we are sharing some concept for a future ride: the Roller Coaster! See the detailed description @Kickstarter 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

New PS4 Demo in EU Available!

The ‪#‎AtomUniverse‬ PS4 demo will be available in EU on the 8th April, in the PlayStation Store! Pledge now on our Atom Universe Kickstarter campaign to receive a voucher code for an early preview! Or, join us at!

Private Spaces on Atom Universe!

‪#‎AtomUniverse‬ will have private spaces at launch! See our Kickstarter update for details:…/atom-universe-a…/posts/1182710\