Monday, 31 March 2014

5th Annual PRIDE Event

Please join our friends in PlayStation Home as we sponsor them for the 5th annual PRIDE event! LIVE @ Scorpio's Bar - Sodium Hub on Tuesday, April 8th! For a direct invitation please add Proteus_951 or Gay197438.

Spring Fling 2014 in NA Home!

To celebrate our NEW Embrace & Greetings Interactions, YPSH and Atom Republic are throwing a party, SPRING FLING 2014!

NA Home players!! Spring has finally arrived! We've had a Spring Fling event in EU to bring our new 2-person Interaction...s into Home with a Splash, and now we are bringing it to YOU in NA Home!

Join YPSH & Atom Republic this Wednesday, April 2nd for Spring Fling 2014! This will be held in the YPSH clubhouse at 7PM EST/6PM CST/4PM PST. *Please note that you will need to have a club space available and request an invite to the "Your PS Home 2" club no more than 30 minutes prior to the event.*

PLEASE READ IMPORTANT NOTE : This party is being timed to be convenient for NA members. Anyone may attend from any region, but prizes will be redeemable in NA region only and are not exchangeable. If you do not have a NA account in PS Home, you will not be able to redeem a prize should you win one. **Winners from Saturdays EU Spring Fling event will not be eligible to win again.**

Arriving in NA Region April 2nd new Interactions by Atom Republic!

Atom Republic is proud to announce, finally in NA Home for the first time! Shake Hands, High-Five and Bro-fist with the formal Greetings pack. Hug, Bro-Hug and Air-Kiss with the friendly Embraces Pack!

We told you it was coming, but beats seeing the action! Check out our NEW Interactions video!

These items are out in NA this Wednesday, April 2nd! 

We are also giving you a sneak peek at our Romantic Dance in this video; invite friends to dance with you! *TBA soon....
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Thursday, 27 March 2014


Want to hear what are the spring news from Atom Republic? Here you go with our latest Newsletter! Don't forget to subscribe in order to get it directly delivered to your inbox!

Atom Republic Newsletter

Spring Fling

EU homers, here's a date for the week-end: Saturday at 4PM GMT, YPSH & Atom Republic team up to throw a party: the Spring Fling 2014! So come and celebrate spring with us on Saturday afternoon, and win prizes! I hope to see you there...

Friday, 21 March 2014

Avatar Interactions Are Here! Embraces or Greetings?

Avatar interactions are here!
Embraces or Greetings?

This spring once again Atom Republic innovates, with a brand new
 portable category called "Avatar Interactions"!

For The First Time EVER in PS Home, you can interact physically with other avatars! This long-awaited feature is available to share with everyone, even if someone else does not own the item! Only one user needs to have this item equipped. Pressing the square button and choosing an interaction, invites everyone in the space to interact with your avatar! However, the choice of who to interact with is up to you!
Atom Republic is proud to be the first to bring you these new interactions. We give you a choice between two packs: the friendly Embraces, or the more formal Greetings. You will be able to shake hands, high-five and bro-fist pound with the Greetings avatar interactions! With the Embraces avatar interactions, you can hug, bro-hug and air-kiss your friends!
*These items are out in EU on 26th March, and at a date TBC in


AND, on the 16th of April in EU, we will release a third interaction pack! 
A Romantic Dance!
Invite everyone in the space to dance with you!

* NA release date TBA.

We hope you will enjoy our Embraces, Greetings and Romantic
Dance innovative items; remember who brought them to you first!


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St. Patrick's Day Party a Success!

Our NA St. Patrick's Day Party was a ROARING success thanks to all our Home friends!


Winning voucher codes in the Atom Republic NA St. Patrick's Day Party Costume Contest are 3 winner's. Right to left, in 1st place the winner was sarahpeach, 2nd place winner was sueangel, and the 3rd place winner was Bless3dFugo!

Here are some of the winner's from our NA St. Patrick's Day quiz! Thank you again to everyone that attended and participated. Congratulations to all our voucher code winners!

BIG Thank You goes out to all that came and participated in our St. Patrick's Day quiz and Costume Contest.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Join me,

 What: Atom Republic St. Patrick's Day party

 Where: NA Atom Republic Park

When: Monday, March 17th  4PM EST, 3PM CST, 1PM PST