Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Adam Avatar Update

Mmmm...hmmm...Adam is coming along VERY nicely! This is an interesting stage of rendering, no eyes, most color's and texturing have yet to be added.

These avatar W.I.P. images show only one frame among thousands created during the on-going rendering process. Details may be added or subject to change.

PS4 and PC Cross-play Demo

PC users can play Atom Universe with PS4 users! Here is the proof...

No Plus Required

A lot of you asked about PlayStation Plus: we can now announce that you will not require PlayStation Plus to play Atom Universe. The game will be free to play for everyone!

Friday, 18 September 2015

W.I.P. - Eve Animation

Here is some W.I.P. of Eve's animation, experimenting with dynamic hair simulations and realistic materials...

In order to keep the community informed of our progress we are sharing our work in progress (W.I.P.). These images are one part of an on-going process, not a final product. Details are still to be added and subject to change.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Dynamic Sky Feature in Atom Universe

A few weeks ago we asked if you would like to have a Dynamic Sky feature in Atom Universe. The response was an over-whelming yes! So guess what we put in the game? Here are a few sneak-peek images...

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Woodland House - Final Walk Through

Our last Woodland House walk-through moves on to the lower level beginning with the lower landing/hallway. 

Coming down the stairs to the left, the first room is a library/study with a desk, tons of shelving, and a wicked round window for a view of the lake. 

The next room is a large guest room, or extra bedroom with a bed and comfy chair where you can relax and gaze out a second huge round window. 

Moving back down the hall in the opposite direction takes you first to our "mystery room," which the community has been voting on... what will it be? 

We should know soon, but for now it stays empty with only one lonely chair. 

Our final stop on the Woodland House tour is the entertainment room, with a cinema and disco. 

With a dance floor, huge viewing screen and comfortable chair's, the potential is limitless. 

Music, movies, video's, and with a full bar it is time for a P-A-R-T-Y!

For a full video walk-through of our Woodland House, check this out on YouTube: 

New Office Sneak Peek

A little sneak peek at our new studio!

New Week!

Our team is ready to tackle a new week of hard work... Bring it on!

Male Avatar "Adam" Beginning Render

In the beginning Atom Universe created Adam...

First comparison rendering images of Adam. Opening the images to enlarge them allows a better view of the difference in detail between the two.

These avatar W.I.P. images show only one frame among thousands created during the on-going rendering process. Details may be added or subject to change.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

VRLO, London

We had a great time at VRLO in London demoing Atom Universe.

Music by Tyler Clark on Atom Universe

Tyler Clark (@TaylorClarkMusic), American musician, to be highlighted in Atom Universe. Tyler was trained as a classical pianist, but a desire to make all-original works led him to experiment with electronic and synth sounds. Tyler's music has been featured by Phil DeFranco (@DeFrancoNation), SourceFed (sourcefed.com), Bebopvox (@TheBebopVox,) among other notable sources.
Tyler has created hundreds of his own original works and assisted with many others created by his colleagues. He enjoys working with and for other EDM artists, video producers and entertainers. All inquiries can be directed to TylerClarkOfficial@live.com. On Tyler's YouTube channel "Breaking Point featuring Jeremy Strickland" is one of our favorites; more Tyler Clark music available on SoundCloud.
(We realize people enjoy different styles of music and there will be many genre's featured in Atom Universe. If you have suggestions of other musicans or genre's you would like to see featured, please post at AtomUniverse.net

Developer's Blog

A few people asked me (Tanguy Dewavrin) about our experience of crowdfunding, so I made my first personal blog-post about it: http://tanguysblog.blogspot.co.uk/

Friday, 4 September 2015

An Interview With Paul Rance - September Newsletter

Our latest newsletter is being sent out later today for you all to enjoy over the weekend. "Atom Republic chats with Paul Rance". 

Check it out for an exclusive chat with Paul about PlayStation Home and Atom Universe. If you don't receive our newsletter you can subscribe to it by clicking the 'Atom Universe Newsletter" button on our Facebook page, or "Sign-up for the Newsletter" button on the Atom Universe forums.

Looking for a New Team Member

We are looking for a good Network Programmer to join our expanding team in Surrey, UK, to work on Atom Universe, our VR theme park for the PS4! Get in touch if you know someone who could be interested!
- Unreal Engine C++/Blueprint development environment
- Unreal's networking/replication/online subsystem 
- Client/Server architecture
- Problem solving skills
- Steam integration with Unreal
- Web programming skills (JSON, HTML, etc)
- PlayFab/GameSparks experience
- Cloud backend knowledge (Google Compute, AWS)

Dynamic SkyDome - Is this a possibility for Atom Universe?

How would you like to see Atom Universe feature this kind of dynamic skydome, complete with ever-changing clouds?

Moving Day for Atom Universe Office

Goodbye London... Thank you @PlayHubs for the ride!

Hello Woking... We are excited to move into our new, bigger office!

Woodland House - Walk Through #5

Our walk-through of the Woodland House continues approaching the mid-level landing from the kitchen. 

On the left leaving the kitchen or looking back toward the kitchen on the right, you see a full bathroom with shower and tub. 

Further down the landing is a staircase to the lower level of the house, and the entrance into the master bedroom which has floor-to-ceiling windows for the ultimate view. 

Off the master bedroom is a full master bathroom, with double sinks and a balcony where you can walk out and see a view of the property at the rear of the house. 

In the most recent Woodland House video you can see the placeholder walking through the master bedroom and bathroom, where there are working water faucets for the sinks, shower, bathtub, and even a flushing toilet.