Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Music by Tyler Clark on Atom Universe

Tyler Clark (@TaylorClarkMusic), American musician, to be highlighted in Atom Universe. Tyler was trained as a classical pianist, but a desire to make all-original works led him to experiment with electronic and synth sounds. Tyler's music has been featured by Phil DeFranco (@DeFrancoNation), SourceFed (, Bebopvox (@TheBebopVox,) among other notable sources.
Tyler has created hundreds of his own original works and assisted with many others created by his colleagues. He enjoys working with and for other EDM artists, video producers and entertainers. All inquiries can be directed to On Tyler's YouTube channel "Breaking Point featuring Jeremy Strickland" is one of our favorites; more Tyler Clark music available on SoundCloud.
(We realize people enjoy different styles of music and there will be many genre's featured in Atom Universe. If you have suggestions of other musicans or genre's you would like to see featured, please post at

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