Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Woodland House - Final Walk Through

Our last Woodland House walk-through moves on to the lower level beginning with the lower landing/hallway. 

Coming down the stairs to the left, the first room is a library/study with a desk, tons of shelving, and a wicked round window for a view of the lake. 

The next room is a large guest room, or extra bedroom with a bed and comfy chair where you can relax and gaze out a second huge round window. 

Moving back down the hall in the opposite direction takes you first to our "mystery room," which the community has been voting on... what will it be? 

We should know soon, but for now it stays empty with only one lonely chair. 

Our final stop on the Woodland House tour is the entertainment room, with a cinema and disco. 

With a dance floor, huge viewing screen and comfortable chair's, the potential is limitless. 

Music, movies, video's, and with a full bar it is time for a P-A-R-T-Y!

For a full video walk-through of our Woodland House, check this out on YouTube: 

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