Friday, 12 August 2016

Devblog #32 - What's new this week and the future of the Block Parties


Early this week, we released a new patch for Atom Universe. This gave our PlayStation 4 and Steam Early Access members the opportunity to test out some new features, such as the avatar clothing and the new 10-Pin Bowling Challenges.

Time to hang up the Space Suits

With this new update, it’s time to let your avatar kick back and relax in some more comfortable clothing. In, Steam Early Access members got a first look at Adam and Eve’s new wardrobe attire. We’re happy to announce that this feature has now been brought over the PlayStation 4.

Another major update that we’ve implemented into Atom Universe is the 10-Pin Bowling challenges, if you’re looking for a more difficult challenge, then this is for you!

Bowling Challenge – Obstacles have now been placed on the bowling lane and you must use your skill to navigate your bowling ball to that strike. Mastering spin is a must!

Bowling Challenge Pro – This is for the hardcore bowlers out there, navigating your bowling ball past stationary obstacles is too easy for you. Now, you’re faced with infuriating obstacles that move along the lane. In this mode, your spin and timing skills are put to the ultimate test.

Future of the Block Parties

In our last DevBlog, we left you with a question that has been troubling us. The future of our bi-monthly Block Parties. With our servers affecting players entering our Block Parties. Should continue them, or hold off until the servers become more stable?

We’ve had an overwhelming response from our community and we’ve taken this feedback under consideration. Starting from this Saturday, we’ll be starting to hold the bi-monthly Block Parties on a monthly basis now. If you’re an Early Access member, please do feel free to come and join us from 12:00PM CST / 10AM PST / 1:00PM EST / 6PM GMT.

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

PlayStation 4 & Steam Early Access Patch Notes

Greetings all,

PlayStation 4 & Steam Early Access members will now be able to download the latest patch for Atom Universe. With it, comes a whole wealth of changes from avatar clothing, two brand new game modes for our classic 10-Pin Bowling and of course, bug fixes. More details down below.

Patch Notes:

  • Customization of avatar clothes
  • Additional functionality to customize clothing colour
  • Additional functionality to customize accessory colour 
  • New clothing and accessories added for even more customization
  • 2 new bowling modes: Challenge Bowling and Challenge Bowling Pro
  • Added tutorial prompts to initial bowling play-through
  • Improved ball physics
  • New standalone UI for subscription to make navigation simpler 
  • Added details of subscription perks
  • Back-end service improvements
  • Improvements and bug fixes to server scalability
  • Players can now see all private spaces created by their in-game friends
  • General minor formatting improvements
  • Networking related bug fixes 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all networked players from being able to see other players premium content if the local player did not have this content unlocked
  • Fixed the new chat notifications that previously did not work
  • Collision improvements
  • Users will no longer get stuck after sitting down

Friday, 5 August 2016

DevBlog #31 - Managing the Atom Universe Servers

Greetings Atomz,

Friday is upon us and we’re ready for the weekend, let’s kick things off with one of our DevBlogs shall we?

Managing the Atom Universe Servers

For some time now, we’ve been hosting the Atom Universe Parties for our Early Access month on a fortnightly basis. While some Early Access members have been able to join in on this meet-ups some of you have had difficulty joining in.

With this DevBlog, we’ll be taking a closer look at why some members have difficulty joining and what we’ll be doing to improve the servers to prevent this forum happening further down the line.
Speaking to Alex Grona, we look at some of the potential issues that could be causing the connection drop outs.

“They are two possible factors to consider when players get disconnect from the Atom Universe servers. Firstly, connection timeout with the server. This can either be caused by the Atom Universe client or the server itself. Potentially, the client can be slow and causes the server connection to drop.  (e.g memory leaks, bugs or low performing machines). The server can also become slow and start dropping connections in order to perform more effectively. (e.g. too many are trying to connect the server at once).

Secondly, the server has crashed. Currently, there isn’t any in-game messaging to notify players that this has happened. If this issue occurs then all players will be removed from the server and returned to the main menu. The servers will then create a new instance and players will be able to log back into the game.”

This can be a very frustrating experience, especially if this is continually happening to yourself. We need to remember that we’re still in Early Access and Atom Universe is still in development. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of the beast at this stage in development. The question now is how can we improve upon this?

“Behind the scenes, we’re currently focusing on stress testing running all kinds of scenarios that we may encounter further down the line. By running these tests we’ll be able to identify any issues that are affecting us and we’ll be able to implement a fix. Over time we will start to see the servers become more and more stable and these connection drop outs will become less frequent.”

With this issue being common for some Early Members during the Block Party events we host fortnightly, it’s left us with a question and that is should we continue these events, or hold off until the servers become more stable? 

Friday, 29 July 2016

DevBlog #30 - Advancements in the Clothing Department

Greetings and welcome to another DevBlog!

This week, we're happy to say that first implementation clothing has now been added into Atom Universe!

It's time to break away from your leather space suits and time to kick back in some more casual clothing.

With v0.3.9.4112 Steam Early Access players can try out the new attire by opting into our Kingpin branch, but please do remember that if you're wanting to attend this Saturday's Block Party you will need to opt-out and return back to the public branch.

Mix up your style with clothes and accessories. 

While this being the first implementation, the clothing options are quite limited. Adam will have a choice of two t-shirts, two sets of trousers and two types of shoes. Whereas Eve will be able to choice from a tank-top, trousers, fabulous looking black dress and two pairs of shoes. Swimwear is also available for both avatars, so if you find yourself in the Mirage House, it's time to catch some sunshine!

You'll also be able to change the colour of certain pieces of clothing from the User panel in the main menu. This way, you'll be able to keep your avatars looks pretty fresh until we're able to add more clothing to the wardrobe!

We're still working on bringing this update to the public version Steam and PlayStation 4. Once we've  got any additional information available, we'll be posting it right here on our blog.

Friday, 22 July 2016

DevBlog #29 - First Look of the Treasure Island

Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

Previously, in DevBlog #25 we released a mysterious screenshot taking from inside a darkened hut looking through a window onto a clear blue ocean, which we dubbed as the "Top Secret Project". 

Now, we know you're all waiting for more details about this space and it just so happens that KaptinFathead has got the latest news about this space!

Video by KaptinFathead

What do we know so far? 

The "Top Secret Project" is known as Treasure Island. It's still in development and it will be getting added to Atom Universe as a Private Space. The Treasure Island will be our largest Private Space to date. Ranging from sandy beaches to a tropical forest, a mighty pirate galleon to homely fishermen huts. 

We'll be looking to add an additional mini-game exclusive to the Treasure Island. There will also be exclusive rewards that you'll be able to unlock as you progress through the mini-game. we will be taking a closer look at these feature at a later date. 

You'll be able to take a stroll down the beach and walk into the water up to waist height, but you won't able to go for a swim just yet. Once more, swimming is another mechanic we'll be looking to implement at a later date. 

Currently, the Treasure Island is only explorable during the daytime, but we'll be looking to include a day and night cycle that's similar to SubD Studio's Mirage House

We would love to hear your thoughts about the Treasure Island, please feel free to post them down below. 

That about wraps things up for this week, until next time, peace. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

DevBlog #28 - Avatar Customization and Planning

Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

Now, it's no secret. One of the more popular topics that often gets mentioned is Avatar Customization. Recently, we released a new batch of avatar accessories and while the accessories are becoming more and more in-depth, it's just not enough for some...

This week, Avatar Customization has been a hot topic around the studio and something that the Atom Republic team are currently looking into is clothing.

Ideally, in  Atom Universe we all want to express ourselves with our sense of fashion, whether you're wanting to look smart, casual, futuristic or maybe you just want run around in a Mankini. When it comes down to fashion the potential is next to limitless. 

Currently, we've got some ideas and plans floating around the studio and we'll be looking to show them off at a later date. That said, we'd also like to hear from you! What type clothing do you like? What would you like to dress your avatar up with? And, what style of do you want to see around the Atom Universe world? 

If you've got some thoughts floating around the ol' noggin, or you've got some images that you think are worth sharing. Head over to our Official Forums and share you ideas with us and the rest of the community. 

Photo credits: Pexels

Friday, 8 July 2016

DevBlog #27 – New PlayStation 4 and Steam Early Access Update

Greetings and welcome to this week’s Devblog. Today, we’re going to taking a closer look at Yesterday’s update for Early Access players.

Mirage House

SubD Studio’s Mirage House makes its return to Atom Universe. Kickstarter backers will remember that the Mirage House was the first Private Space in Atom Universe. Now, this minimalist space has been completely reiterated.

The first big change is the beautiful day and night cycle, now you’ll be able to sit by the pool and watch the sun set over the landscape. Kickstarter backers may also remember that the original Mirage House had two floors with enough space for seating and a bedroom. Now the newly design space is much bigger across one floor with additional seating areas and stylish fireplace.

Outside, the swimming pool lights up at night illuminates the side on the property in crisp blue light. Behind the property, lights shine upon the palms trees, giving the landscape a warm glow.


The avatar customization menu has received a lot more accessories in this new update. In fact, over 75 new accessories have added to help give your avatar a little bit more diversity. Now your avatar will be able to wear a wide range of head accessories, wings, swords, shields and tails.

Performance Improvements

With this update comes some much needed performance improvements, most notably within the Hub. The Hub frame rate has now been increased and when you’re travelling around you’re less likely to come across those nasty frame rate drops.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Patch Notes: v03.7.4112

Good afternoon everyone,

We've got a new update for all Early Access players on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Let's get to the juicy details of what's new and what's changed.

Patch Notes:

  • E-mail registration screen has now been added to front-end menu (we promise not to spam you)
  • EULA has now been added to the front-end menu
  • Animated loading screens between level transitions 
  • More avatar accessories will soon be available
  • Cinematic screen in the front-end menu
  • Fixed importing PSN friends
  • The Bowling mini-game has been improved
  • Performance improvement for the Arcade Plaza
  • Pop-up window above the chat for in-game notifications (you don't want to miss those friend requests)
  • Mirage House Private Space is now available for all players
  • New Welcome screens added to Public and Private spaces
  • New Friendly NPC guides have been added to provide you with details about the space you're in
  • Various bug fixes with network and server connections
  • Added messaging and confirmation dialogues added in various places in-game
  • Performance improvements for the Hub 
  • UI confirmation dialogues to show all in-game error messages

Friday, 1 July 2016

DevBlog #26 - Upcoming Music and Weekly Developer Activity

Greeting and welcome to this rather musical DevBlog. This we'll take a look at some of the upcoming musicians that will be featured within the next update for Atom Universe. And, we'll be also be having a little catch-up with the development team and see what they've been working on this week.

First in the new line-up is Electro House duo the Cyberpunkers, with the dancefloor stomper Drop It. The Italian DJ's KENKODE & SKINFACE have drawing a lot of attention themselves from the European media and ended up the centre of attention with their original look, consisting of masks which hides their true identity and for the originality of their shows, in which they use two consoles at once, powered by several audio machines.

The Canada based music producer and songwriter Veela teams up with the upcoming electronica duo The Odd Chaps to bring us True Colours, this chilled Electronic mix. The vocalist delivers a powerful performance in this piece of work, and not forgetting the melodic piano or groovy bass guitar licks.

Upcoming Sydney based Carl Elliot AKA Empia, delivers us Night Jungle a progressive journey through smooth rhythmic melodies and fast paced synth chops. This track will be an emotional journey on the dancefloor.

Lo Air brings us two additional tracks with Day and Night, and Heart on Fire both  of these tracks feature lively instrument samples, the beat and rhythm that you only find in the best of the Deep House genre. And very immersive vocals.

Music producer and live performer Cavaro is characterised for making Tropical House, R&B and Trap influenced music mixed with different elements from other styles and genres, always versatile, but with a unique sense of identity. Currently residing in Australia managing his own record label RKJ Music, Cavaro's Second Chance featuring Dominique reached the number 9 spot in the iTunes Electronic Charts.

Bursting into the EDM scene is the 23 year old producer REDMOON. Based in singapore, this young soul is not an amateur having produced for 9 years and counting. He first made a name for himself internationally after signing when he was just 16 and has since had his music played across the globe by artists such as The Chainsmokers, Project46, Lucky Date and many more. Having released under some of the world’s major league labels such as the critically acclaimed Spinnin’ Records & Monstercat has made him one of the top music producers in the Singapore.

Latvia based Tobu, tries to capture the perfect sounds and melodies that makes your ears happy. With Summer Breeze, Tobu takes you on a chilled out journey through a various soundscape of sounds and samples that you would imagine to hear at all your summer parties.

Known for their jazzy chord stabs, funky electric leads, heavy bass design, and a healthy dose of traditional instruments and samples, the duo SugarBeats has steadily stepped up the bar in their own brand of Glitch Hop and Future Funk since they launched in 2012.

Weekly Developer Activity: 


  • Implementing new avatar accessories.
  • Various bug fixing.


  • Adding additional information to the main menu UI.
  • Adding registration process.


  • Profiling and optimising the Hub's performance.
  • Various bug fixing.


  • Plotting and planning a new community strategy.
  • Working on a new in-game video (will be shared on YouTube next week). 

Friday, 24 June 2016

DevBlog #25 - Community Poll Results & Weekly Developer Activity

It's Friday! The weekend is here and that means we've got another DevBlog for you to read.

Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that we've being doing a lot of bug fixing with Atom Universe. While this bug fixing process seems like it has slowed down the flow of information for new features getting added into Atom Universe. This work and effort by the development team has been extremely beneficial and progressive for Atom Universe and we'll be going to more detail about this within a future DevBlog.

Community Poll Results

Earlier this week, we asked the question to the community. What type of Private Space you would like to see us work on next. You had the choice of three places to choose from: 

  • Medieval Tavern to banter with your friends
  • Tree Top House located in the heart of a Jungle 
  • Space Station, looking down on plant earth 

Well, the results are now in...(drum roll, please) You've decided that the next Private Space Atom Republic will work on is...The Tree Top House! 

We'll be keeping everyone in the loop as this new Private Space progresses through the development phase. 

And before we end this week's DevBlog, remember that 'top secret' project the art team was working on? Here's a first look:

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Regressing bugs.
  • Finished off the layout to our 'top secret' project.


  • Various bug fixing.
  • Improvements to the UI messaging.


  • Server scalability testing. 
  • Regressing and fixing various bugs. 


  • Creating new video content for our YouTube Channel.
  • Selected music for the next playlist to added into the Arcade Plaza.

Friday, 17 June 2016

DevBlog #24 - The Atom Republic Block Party & Stress Testing

Atom Universe Block Party

This week, we'll be hosting our biggest in-game community event to date. All Early Access players are invited to come and join in on the fun. 

This Saturday, we'll be playing 'The Numbers Game'  and as usual there will be goodies to win! If you're one the lucky Early Access members you'll be able to join us the Hub from 12PM CST /10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM GMT. 

To play, you must pick a number between 1 and 100 and send your choice to 'Atom Universe CM' in-game on Saturday, please also provide information of which territory you're based in (EU, or NA). 

First prize is a 3 month trial of PlayStation Plus, one lucky North American player and lucky European player will be eligible for this prize. 

If you happen to choose the same number as another person, you'll be asked to pick another number in order to avoid any duplicate entries. 

We'll be announcing the winners on our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter) and codes will be sent to the winners account on PlayStation 4 after the Block Party.

We need your help! 

As we continue through the development of Atom Universe, we need to put our server under a tremendous among of stress, that means we need players in-game to help us achieve this condition. For you chance to get access to the Early Access of Atom Universe on PlayStation 4, please sign-up to our newsletter. 

We wish you luck and hope to see the lucky members in-game on Saturday! 

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Creating new accessories for the Avatars.
  • Started work on a new "Top Secret" project. 


  • Adding new messages to the UI for various warnings (connection time out etc). 
  • Various bug fixing. 


  • Various bug fixes.
  • Working on the initial set-up for the Mirage House.


  • Created a newsletter promotion for Atom Universe. 
  • Gathering feedback on the Woodlands House. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

DevBlog #23 - New PlayStation4 & Steam Update and Avatar Customisation


Welcome to this week’s DevBlog, brought to you by the friendly people at Atom Republic.

Patch v0.3.2.4112

Players were finally able to explore our first private space and better yet, you could invite up to 15 friends to join you.

Video by Your PS Home

Now that said, we’re still in Early Access and we’re still testing the server scalability. For some players loading times between public and privates may vary in length, some taking longer than others.

Avatar Customisation

If there is one thing we know, it’s that you want Avatar customisation. So far we’ve seen a wealth of accessories get implemented into Atom Universe, but you want more. Physical changes for your avatar, different clothing items and hairstyles, the list goes on.

While this is possible for us to continually add more accessories to the avatars head, hands and back via sockets (this allows the art team to add items without altering the Atom Universe’s code).  Allowing you to alter your avatar physical appearance (size, build and features), or your avatars clothing (tops, pants, shoes etc) it would require a massive change within Atom Universe’s code.

We’re very excited to start work on the avatar customisation. However, we’re not at that point in the development cycle just yet. The main focus right now is to get the servers working correctly allowing everyone to enjoy Atom Universe without any connection troubles and of course, we’re working on the PlayStation 4 build so everyone can join in on the fun.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Starting to integrate the Mirage House.
  • Added an additional 25 accessories.


  • Even more bug fixing.


  • Bug fixing.
  • Testing server scalability.
  • Configuring in-game commerce.


  • Reporting community bugs to the development team.
  • Discussing possible content ideas for future distribution.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Patch Notes v now available on PlayStation 4 and Steam


Good evening,  we've got more good news for you. The Woodlands House is now available to explore on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

If you downloaded the King Pin patch on Steam earlier, you might want to transfer back over to the main branch to enjoy the cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Steam player. To transfer back to the main perform the following steps:

  • Open your Steam Client
  • Right Click on Atom Universe
  • Go to Properties
  • Head over the 'BETAS' Tab
  • Click on the drop-down menu
  • Select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'

Patch Notes:

  • Woodland House now available for subscribers. Invite up to 15 friends to join you in your new private space. 
  • Interact with new furniture within the Woodlands House. 
  • New Navigation Menu now available via the in-game player menu. Fast travel between public and private spaces. 
  • Server Scalability to allow arbitrary number of players to create servers for public and private spaces. 
  • Interactive dance floor in the Arcade Plaza 
  • Added sounds effects in the Player Menu UI 
  • Welcome screen in Front-End

Friday, 3 June 2016

DevBlog #22 – Weekly Update & Developer Activity

Why hello there, thank you for taking the time out to have a little read over this week’s DevBlog. Previously, we were talking about bringing the Woodlands House into Atom Universe and a couple of tasks the developers faced in doing so.

This week, we've made some more advancements in bringing this new private space to fruition. Avatars can now explore the environment freely and interact with certain pieces of furniture. However, now that this is possible: how does the avatar travel to and from the Woodlands House?

The development team have been working on two ways that can allow you travel to the Woodlands House, the Hub and the Arcade Plaza. Firstly, you can do it the old fashioned way: select your desired destination via the main menu. That’s OK if you’ve just started the game, but what if you’re already in-game?

Normally, in the Hub or the Arcade Plaza you could easily travel there by walking to the entrance, but it would be a bit different. The Woodland House is outside, it’s in the open, it’s peaceful and it’s away from the noise of the theme park. Having a doorway within the theme park itself, would break away from the immersion of the park and maybe even seem out of place.

Instead of forcing you back to the main menu and making you exist the game, the development team have now implemented the ability to fast travel between zones. Allowing to easily travel between Woodlands House, the Hub and the Arcade Plaza.

While we’re getting closer to releasing this to everyone on Early Access, the main focus has now turned to bug hunting, although there isn’t a time frame as to when this update will be ready. We’re getting pretty close…

Weekly Development Activity:


  • Playtesting and fixing new bugs
  • Making more assets for Atom Universe


  • Playtesting and squishing bugs (pretty much all week long)


  • Finding bugs
  • Squishing bugs
  • Seeing if the bugs come back
  • Squishing more bugs


  • Playtesting (you guessed it) for bugs
  • Sending the development team bug reports

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Community Corner - May 2016


Welcome to our second Community Corner. In this post we'll be taking the time out to look over what's been happening within the Atom Universe community. This month, the community (that's you) have shared a whole wealth of creations.

Let's take a look at some of the things we've enjoyed the most!

Forums: Community member, FlammableAce has been hard at work envisioning how the in-game menus should look. His work has not only caught the eyes of the Community and Atom Universe Community team, but also the eyes of the Development team as well! You'll be able to find FlammableAce's work within this thread.

Blog: Community member and J.F.C & The Virtual Community Editor TrishaBaby, recently took the time out to interview Game Mechanic's very own John Ardussi. Trisha, interview with John is very thorough and must read for all PS Home lovers! You'll be able to read the full interview here.

Facebook: Mid May, we hosted a competition on our Facebook channel, the task was to create a head gear accessory for Adam or Eve. One lucky winner had the possibility to see their accessory get implemented into Atom Universe and the runner ups won access keys to Atom Universe's PS4 Early Access. ICYMI, you'll be able to find the winners of the competition here.

Overall, it's was a very exciting experience seeing everyone's submission and we'd like to say thank you to everyone that took part in the contest. Down below are a couple more pictures from the contests that we wanted to give a little shout out to.  

Joe Murray's Googly Eyed Glasses.

Sam Eeckelaers' Crown of Atom Universe. Fit for a Queen (or a King)

Robery Ernst's Call-A-Dapter, a must have accessory for the secret agents of today.

Twitch: Avid GTA V Streamer and long term PS Home Fan Devil00Angel, recently got her crew together in GTA V and in a pure art attack moment, recreated the Atom Republic logo by using red cars! You'll be able to see Devil00Angel's work come together in this stream.

YouTube: Community member and YouTuber Fanblade, has been play-testing and logging each version of Atom Universe on his channel. If you're interested in seeing what's new in Atom Universe or you'd like to see Atom Universe evolve over time, Fanblade's YouTube channel is definitely worth subscribing to.


Friday, 27 May 2016

DevBlog #21 - Getting the Woodland House ready

Greetings and welcome to this week's DevBlog.

This week we'll be taking a closer look at the Woodland house. Created by Atom Republic Artist, Paul Rance. The Woodland House is a spectacular private space which is located deep inside the forest, overlooking a peaceful lake.

By now, you've all seen the private spaces video on our YouTube Channel. Now it's time to start bringing them into Atom Universe (starting with the Woodland House), but before we can that do we've got make sure a few things work first.

Firstly and probably the most important thing, setting up the collision barrier. By doing this the avatar is free to walk around and isn't going to fall through the floor or wander through the walls. It can be quite a time consuming task as you've not only got the wall and floors to consideration. You've also got to take various pieces of furniture and design features to consider as well. 

Next we've got to the avatar interacting with the environment, as personal space your avatar is going to be living here. They have to be able to sit down and relax, or maybe even sleep in a bed. Afterwards, we've got to into bug fixing mode and need to ensure that there are no game breaking bugs that are going to affect the player experience.

Weekly Developer Activity:


  • Woodland House integration into Atom Universe.
  • New Interactions: recline in a deck-chair or lay down in a bed.
  • Designing new accessories.


  • Started work on a new travel hub, allowing you to fast travel between areas.
  • Squashing various bugs.


  • Integrating the Woodland House into Atom Universe.
  • Bug fixing.


  • Drafting up various documents and analysing data.
  • Reading up on new trends.
  • Discussing future events with the development team.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

PC and PlayStation 4 Early Access Patch Notes - v.

Greetings all,

Today, we're bringing you a new update to the Early Access version of Atom Universe. With it comes some bugs fixes and addition headgear for your avatar to wear.

This patch will be available to PlayStation 4 players who have got access to the Early Access version of Atom Universe. Steam players will also be able to access this on the main branch of Steam, if you've been testing on the King Pin branch, please revert back to the main branch to enjoy all the cross-play functionality. 

Patch Notes

  • The Lost & Found mini-game rewards items should now unlock when requirements have been met.
  • Avatars can now wear multiple head accessories, depending what type of accessories they're wearing
  • New accessories have been added to the Avatar customisation menu. 
  • New dance animations have been added, time to show off your breakdance skill in the Arcade Plaza
  • Express yourself, new emojis have been added. 

Friday, 20 May 2016

DevBlog #20 – Atom Universe Subscriptions and Weekly Developer Activity

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the DevBlog, this week we’re going to be taking a look at the Subscription option within Atom Universe, what is it? How much does it cost? Will I still be able to play Atom Universe without a Subscription? And finally, if I activate the Free Trial will I get charged when my Free Trial expires?

Let’s get to it shall we?

What is the Subscription?

By becoming an Atom Universe Subscriber, you’ll essentially become a season ticket-holder for the theme park. In return, you will gain access to all exclusive Atom Republic content at no extra cost and you will receive in-game bonuses.

Atom Universe Subscription Benefits

  • Full access to all exclusive Atom Republic content
  • Greater daily bonuses more Atomz to spend in the park
  • Thrilling Dance moves
  • Unique Emojis
  • Stylish Accessories

How much does it cost?

At this point in time, it’s absolutely free! We’re currently in the process of testing this mechanic out and making sure everything is working as it’s supposed to be. During this period of time, we’re giving you a little insight of how the Subscription will work.

Can I play Atom Universe without a Subscription?

Of course you can! You’ll still be able to explore all the public spaces, take part in the mini-games and customise your avatar with free-to-use content.

If I activate the Free Trial, will get charged with my Free Trial expires?

No, once your Free Trial has ended, your account will revert back to the standard version. If you would like to continue using the Subscription content, you will need to re-activate it from the ‘User’ panel in the main menu.

Atom Universe Block Party this weekend! If you have access to Atom Universe, come join us in the Hub this Saturday at 12:00PM CST / 10AM PST / 1:00PM EST / 6PM GMT.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Currently in the process of creating hairstyles
  • Tweaking and polishing the Woodlands House


  • Improvements to customisation and UI


  • Server scalability
  • Automated testing


  • Gathering Analytics and monitoring growth

Sunday, 15 May 2016

PlayStation 4 and Steam Patch Notes v0.2.3.4112

Patch v0.2.3.4112 is now live for PlayStation 4 and Steam Early Access players. 

Additional Steam Information

Steam Players, you'll be able to access the latest version on our main branch. If you've been testing on our King Pin branch you will need to default back to the main branch. You'll be able to achieve this by doing the following:

  • Open your Steam Client.
  • Right Click on Atom Universe.
  • Go to Properties.
  • Head over the 'BETAS' Tab.
  • Click on the drop-down menu.
  • Select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'.

Patch notes follow as:

  • Travel to The Hub (work in progress) with the portal from the Arcade Plaza. 
  • Help the Lost and Found department to find missing items around The Hub and in return you'll be rewarded with exclusive items. 
  • Additional head gear items are now available within the Avatar Customisation menu. 
  • You can now mute the audio from the option menu. 
  • Increased server capacity from 12 to 16.
  • Import steam/PSN friends in the social menu.
  • Find and add friends by the name (name is unique and initialised by the steam/PSN name).
  • Interactive dance floor in Arcade Plaza: leaving a red trail when walking on it.
  • In the Hub there are two screens playing streaming videos. Courtesy of PS Talent.

Friday, 13 May 2016

DevBlog #19 – The Return of The Hub

Hello there and welcome back to Atom Republic’s DevBlog. During last week's entry we got a first look at the newer, revamped Hub. The week, the AR team has been in full swing continuing the momentum working on The Hub, so much so, that Steam players can now test and explore The Hub on the King Pin Branch (click here to find out how access this update on Steam).

What’s New?

While exploring The Hub you quickly learn that this area is very much under construction! The work force have left certain rides and attractions fenced off and if you look to the sky, you can see cranes going about their business. Lucky, the new area that is available is safe enough for your Avatar to explore.

The Lost & Found Minigame

During the excitement of The Hub re-opening, it seems that some unfortunate visitors to the park have lost some of their property…Keep a watchful eye out for these missing items and return them to the Lost and Found Kiosk to receive a reward. Keep bringing back lost items every day and you will receive a reward each day. 

What's Next?

  • Bug Fixing - With new updates comes new bugs, the development team have a list of known bugs from what they've discovered in the studio, but keep your bug reports coming in on the Atom Universe and Steam forums. 
  • Steam & PlayStation 4 Early Access - Once Atom Universe is in a solid position and the development team are happy, we'll be looking to push this update out live for all Early Access members, allowing the cross-play functionality to once more be resumed by both platforms. Keep an eye on our social media channels, forums and blog. We'll be making a big splashy announcement a little bit closer to the time. 

Weekly Developer Activity:


  • Breakdance animations.
  • More head accessories for your avatar to wear.


  • Improving Avatar socket system to attach accessories.
  • In the process of adding UI sound manager component into the menu options.


  • Server Performance.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Gathering Analytics and making pretty charts.
  • In the process of creating an updated version of the Private Spaces video.