Wednesday, 10 August 2016

PlayStation 4 & Steam Early Access Patch Notes

Greetings all,

PlayStation 4 & Steam Early Access members will now be able to download the latest patch for Atom Universe. With it, comes a whole wealth of changes from avatar clothing, two brand new game modes for our classic 10-Pin Bowling and of course, bug fixes. More details down below.

Patch Notes:

  • Customization of avatar clothes
  • Additional functionality to customize clothing colour
  • Additional functionality to customize accessory colour 
  • New clothing and accessories added for even more customization
  • 2 new bowling modes: Challenge Bowling and Challenge Bowling Pro
  • Added tutorial prompts to initial bowling play-through
  • Improved ball physics
  • New standalone UI for subscription to make navigation simpler 
  • Added details of subscription perks
  • Back-end service improvements
  • Improvements and bug fixes to server scalability
  • Players can now see all private spaces created by their in-game friends
  • General minor formatting improvements
  • Networking related bug fixes 
  • Fixed an issue that prevented all networked players from being able to see other players premium content if the local player did not have this content unlocked
  • Fixed the new chat notifications that previously did not work
  • Collision improvements
  • Users will no longer get stuck after sitting down


  1. Cool been waiting for this update to arrive and now it's finally here 😀

  2. Glad the features of (previously only available for PC) are now available for PS4 too! Plus many more new features and bug fixes/improvements too! Loves it! Thanks for all the hard work Atom Republic/Atom Universe team! :)

  3. Why is it in the United States and then you can't download it Adams universe is in the store but you just can't download it because of no download button

  4. I really wish I could play atom universe. I always had such a depressing feel of nostalgia whenever I see PlayStation Home videos :(

  5. Wondering the same thing cant download it...

  6. Wondering the same thing cant download it...

  7. U need monthly subscription around $2.99 in PlayStation store

  8. Ok i have started atom universe on the 23rd on its release in the us an i still get kicked or just cant join in the hub or the dance floor were the bowling is meny time i have tryed and failed my gmail is Lesliehill488@gmail .Com user name leslie506 can you please try to fix this for me