Friday, 24 June 2016

DevBlog #25 - Community Poll Results & Weekly Developer Activity

It's Friday! The weekend is here and that means we've got another DevBlog for you to read.

Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that we've being doing a lot of bug fixing with Atom Universe. While this bug fixing process seems like it has slowed down the flow of information for new features getting added into Atom Universe. This work and effort by the development team has been extremely beneficial and progressive for Atom Universe and we'll be going to more detail about this within a future DevBlog.

Community Poll Results

Earlier this week, we asked the question to the community. What type of Private Space you would like to see us work on next. You had the choice of three places to choose from: 

  • Medieval Tavern to banter with your friends
  • Tree Top House located in the heart of a Jungle 
  • Space Station, looking down on plant earth 

Well, the results are now in...(drum roll, please) You've decided that the next Private Space Atom Republic will work on is...The Tree Top House! 

We'll be keeping everyone in the loop as this new Private Space progresses through the development phase. 

And before we end this week's DevBlog, remember that 'top secret' project the art team was working on? Here's a first look:

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Regressing bugs.
  • Finished off the layout to our 'top secret' project.


  • Various bug fixing.
  • Improvements to the UI messaging.


  • Server scalability testing. 
  • Regressing and fixing various bugs. 


  • Creating new video content for our YouTube Channel.
  • Selected music for the next playlist to added into the Arcade Plaza.

Friday, 17 June 2016

DevBlog #24 - The Atom Republic Block Party & Stress Testing

Atom Universe Block Party

This week, we'll be hosting our biggest in-game community event to date. All Early Access players are invited to come and join in on the fun. 

This Saturday, we'll be playing 'The Numbers Game'  and as usual there will be goodies to win! If you're one the lucky Early Access members you'll be able to join us the Hub from 12PM CST /10AM PST / 1PM EST / 6PM GMT. 

To play, you must pick a number between 1 and 100 and send your choice to 'Atom Universe CM' in-game on Saturday, please also provide information of which territory you're based in (EU, or NA). 

First prize is a 3 month trial of PlayStation Plus, one lucky North American player and lucky European player will be eligible for this prize. 

If you happen to choose the same number as another person, you'll be asked to pick another number in order to avoid any duplicate entries. 

We'll be announcing the winners on our social media channels (Facebook/Twitter) and codes will be sent to the winners account on PlayStation 4 after the Block Party.

We need your help! 

As we continue through the development of Atom Universe, we need to put our server under a tremendous among of stress, that means we need players in-game to help us achieve this condition. For you chance to get access to the Early Access of Atom Universe on PlayStation 4, please sign-up to our newsletter. 

We wish you luck and hope to see the lucky members in-game on Saturday! 

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Creating new accessories for the Avatars.
  • Started work on a new "Top Secret" project. 


  • Adding new messages to the UI for various warnings (connection time out etc). 
  • Various bug fixing. 


  • Various bug fixes.
  • Working on the initial set-up for the Mirage House.


  • Created a newsletter promotion for Atom Universe. 
  • Gathering feedback on the Woodlands House. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

DevBlog #23 - New PlayStation4 & Steam Update and Avatar Customisation


Welcome to this week’s DevBlog, brought to you by the friendly people at Atom Republic.

Patch v0.3.2.4112

Players were finally able to explore our first private space and better yet, you could invite up to 15 friends to join you.

Video by Your PS Home

Now that said, we’re still in Early Access and we’re still testing the server scalability. For some players loading times between public and privates may vary in length, some taking longer than others.

Avatar Customisation

If there is one thing we know, it’s that you want Avatar customisation. So far we’ve seen a wealth of accessories get implemented into Atom Universe, but you want more. Physical changes for your avatar, different clothing items and hairstyles, the list goes on.

While this is possible for us to continually add more accessories to the avatars head, hands and back via sockets (this allows the art team to add items without altering the Atom Universe’s code).  Allowing you to alter your avatar physical appearance (size, build and features), or your avatars clothing (tops, pants, shoes etc) it would require a massive change within Atom Universe’s code.

We’re very excited to start work on the avatar customisation. However, we’re not at that point in the development cycle just yet. The main focus right now is to get the servers working correctly allowing everyone to enjoy Atom Universe without any connection troubles and of course, we’re working on the PlayStation 4 build so everyone can join in on the fun.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Starting to integrate the Mirage House.
  • Added an additional 25 accessories.


  • Even more bug fixing.


  • Bug fixing.
  • Testing server scalability.
  • Configuring in-game commerce.


  • Reporting community bugs to the development team.
  • Discussing possible content ideas for future distribution.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Patch Notes v now available on PlayStation 4 and Steam


Good evening,  we've got more good news for you. The Woodlands House is now available to explore on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

If you downloaded the King Pin patch on Steam earlier, you might want to transfer back over to the main branch to enjoy the cross-play between PlayStation 4 and Steam player. To transfer back to the main perform the following steps:

  • Open your Steam Client
  • Right Click on Atom Universe
  • Go to Properties
  • Head over the 'BETAS' Tab
  • Click on the drop-down menu
  • Select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'

Patch Notes:

  • Woodland House now available for subscribers. Invite up to 15 friends to join you in your new private space. 
  • Interact with new furniture within the Woodlands House. 
  • New Navigation Menu now available via the in-game player menu. Fast travel between public and private spaces. 
  • Server Scalability to allow arbitrary number of players to create servers for public and private spaces. 
  • Interactive dance floor in the Arcade Plaza 
  • Added sounds effects in the Player Menu UI 
  • Welcome screen in Front-End

Friday, 3 June 2016

DevBlog #22 – Weekly Update & Developer Activity

Why hello there, thank you for taking the time out to have a little read over this week’s DevBlog. Previously, we were talking about bringing the Woodlands House into Atom Universe and a couple of tasks the developers faced in doing so.

This week, we've made some more advancements in bringing this new private space to fruition. Avatars can now explore the environment freely and interact with certain pieces of furniture. However, now that this is possible: how does the avatar travel to and from the Woodlands House?

The development team have been working on two ways that can allow you travel to the Woodlands House, the Hub and the Arcade Plaza. Firstly, you can do it the old fashioned way: select your desired destination via the main menu. That’s OK if you’ve just started the game, but what if you’re already in-game?

Normally, in the Hub or the Arcade Plaza you could easily travel there by walking to the entrance, but it would be a bit different. The Woodland House is outside, it’s in the open, it’s peaceful and it’s away from the noise of the theme park. Having a doorway within the theme park itself, would break away from the immersion of the park and maybe even seem out of place.

Instead of forcing you back to the main menu and making you exist the game, the development team have now implemented the ability to fast travel between zones. Allowing to easily travel between Woodlands House, the Hub and the Arcade Plaza.

While we’re getting closer to releasing this to everyone on Early Access, the main focus has now turned to bug hunting, although there isn’t a time frame as to when this update will be ready. We’re getting pretty close…

Weekly Development Activity:


  • Playtesting and fixing new bugs
  • Making more assets for Atom Universe


  • Playtesting and squishing bugs (pretty much all week long)


  • Finding bugs
  • Squishing bugs
  • Seeing if the bugs come back
  • Squishing more bugs


  • Playtesting (you guessed it) for bugs
  • Sending the development team bug reports