Friday, 24 June 2016

DevBlog #25 - Community Poll Results & Weekly Developer Activity

It's Friday! The weekend is here and that means we've got another DevBlog for you to read.

Over the last couple of weeks you may have noticed that we've being doing a lot of bug fixing with Atom Universe. While this bug fixing process seems like it has slowed down the flow of information for new features getting added into Atom Universe. This work and effort by the development team has been extremely beneficial and progressive for Atom Universe and we'll be going to more detail about this within a future DevBlog.

Community Poll Results

Earlier this week, we asked the question to the community. What type of Private Space you would like to see us work on next. You had the choice of three places to choose from: 

  • Medieval Tavern to banter with your friends
  • Tree Top House located in the heart of a Jungle 
  • Space Station, looking down on plant earth 

Well, the results are now in...(drum roll, please) You've decided that the next Private Space Atom Republic will work on is...The Tree Top House! 

We'll be keeping everyone in the loop as this new Private Space progresses through the development phase. 

And before we end this week's DevBlog, remember that 'top secret' project the art team was working on? Here's a first look:

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Regressing bugs.
  • Finished off the layout to our 'top secret' project.


  • Various bug fixing.
  • Improvements to the UI messaging.


  • Server scalability testing. 
  • Regressing and fixing various bugs. 


  • Creating new video content for our YouTube Channel.
  • Selected music for the next playlist to added into the Arcade Plaza.


  1. Nice DevBlog Dave. I was torn between the Tree Top House and the Space Station, but ended up voting for the Space Station which I was thinking could look similar to the one LOOT Entertainment (now LOOT Interactive) for PS Home. I do still like the idea of a Tree Top space and I'm sure it will look great. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the "Top Secret" project as well as seeing the improvements to the messaging UI. I saw that instructional video for how to activate a subscription ( which I think will be helpful for new users of the Early Access version. Note that during Early Access, the subscription can be re-activated for free. I've heard of the new songs that will be played in Arcade Plaza and looking forward to it being included in the next update and hopefully by that time, the "no sound" bug will be fixed so I can hear it in the game. As always, keep up the great work Atom Republic/Atom Universe team! :)

  2. The "Top Secret" project is the Treasure Island private space which can be seen in this photo album: