Thursday, 20 June 2013

We are finally publishing in Asia! :)

After the biker jackets last week, this week sees the release of the Party moves...

We will be releasing more items at regular intervals, slowly but surely catching up with other regions!

After a slight delay in NA, now the Discotheque is out both in EU and NA! :)

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Atom Republic Newsletter #1: Discotheque incoming!

Welcome to Atom Republic’s first ever newsletter! Here’s what we’ve got in the pipeline for you...
First of all, we have our very first private apartment: The Discotheque, which will be coming out next Wednesday 12th June in EU and NA!

It's time to dance the night away in this stylish discotheque: featuring animated disco balls, spotlights and lasers, this vast underground night-club even contains a rythm-action dance mini-game, with a high-score leaderboard!

If you aim high, you will be rewarded for your efforts: scoring 100,000 points will give you an exclusive reward... Whether you prefer to challenge your friends at the mini-game, party on the animated illuminated dance floor, sit on the stools at the bar, or relax on the comfy armchairs: this is the perfect place to invite your friends and dance the night away!

Not to forget that The Discotheque will also be available as a clubhouse!

Here’s the video trailer of the discotheque space:

Not only does the 12th June mark the release of our new space, it will also be another historic moment for Atom Republic and will bring good news for our Asian fans. After a long wait for our fans in Asia, we can finally confirm the release of the biker jackets collection.
This will be the first of many releases for the region...

Keep your eyes on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for further information. There might even be a few surprises!

That’s all for now, have fun!

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Out this week in both NA and EU: the 90s dance moves! 6 dance moves for boys and girls:  the Las Vegas Dance, the Alphonso Shake, the Strike-a-pose choreography, the Nerd, the MC Shuffle and the Hammered Jump, in true 1990's style! All moves are for both male and female avatars.

Also out: the Worm locomotion!

Check out the trailer here: