Friday, 20 May 2016

DevBlog #20 – Atom Universe Subscriptions and Weekly Developer Activity

Greetings and welcome to another edition of the DevBlog, this week we’re going to be taking a look at the Subscription option within Atom Universe, what is it? How much does it cost? Will I still be able to play Atom Universe without a Subscription? And finally, if I activate the Free Trial will I get charged when my Free Trial expires?

Let’s get to it shall we?

What is the Subscription?

By becoming an Atom Universe Subscriber, you’ll essentially become a season ticket-holder for the theme park. In return, you will gain access to all exclusive Atom Republic content at no extra cost and you will receive in-game bonuses.

Atom Universe Subscription Benefits

  • Full access to all exclusive Atom Republic content
  • Greater daily bonuses more Atomz to spend in the park
  • Thrilling Dance moves
  • Unique Emojis
  • Stylish Accessories

How much does it cost?

At this point in time, it’s absolutely free! We’re currently in the process of testing this mechanic out and making sure everything is working as it’s supposed to be. During this period of time, we’re giving you a little insight of how the Subscription will work.

Can I play Atom Universe without a Subscription?

Of course you can! You’ll still be able to explore all the public spaces, take part in the mini-games and customise your avatar with free-to-use content.

If I activate the Free Trial, will get charged with my Free Trial expires?

No, once your Free Trial has ended, your account will revert back to the standard version. If you would like to continue using the Subscription content, you will need to re-activate it from the ‘User’ panel in the main menu.

Atom Universe Block Party this weekend! If you have access to Atom Universe, come join us in the Hub this Saturday at 12:00PM CST / 10AM PST / 1:00PM EST / 6PM GMT.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Currently in the process of creating hairstyles
  • Tweaking and polishing the Woodlands House


  • Improvements to customisation and UI


  • Server scalability
  • Automated testing


  • Gathering Analytics and monitoring growth

1 comment:

  1. Nice DevBlog Dave. Ever since the free 30 day subscription showed up in the last build (, I had seen many ask about it and I think this should answer everyone's questions. I activated mine last Sunday, May 15 ( and so it's good thru June 14. I saw how it unlocked the Panda head and aviator sunglasses ( and 6 other bowling balls like this one: I'm looking forward to the Block Party tomorrow. Dena said last time that we would be starting at the correct time lol :P Our Community Meet Up last Sunday was huge and we filled 3 out of the 4 servers. It was cool to see the servers being dynamically created going from 1 to 2 all the way up to 4 as more users were trying to access the Hub. So for the most part the server scaling is working ok. However, during our meet up last Sunday, a lot of users did run into "fatal errors" in which they were kicked from the game and had to restart, but we all still had fun. Tanguy joined us on one of the servers too. It's great to hear that the Woodland Hills House is being updated just like SubD Studio remastered their Mirage House and updated their Cave House. Tanguy did mention that yall were trying to get that into the game first and then the Mirage House as soon as possible afterwards. I can't wait to be able to see either of them in the game as they both are beautiful spaces. I can't wait for WIP images for the hairstyles to be shared as I know so many community members have been asking about them.

    As always, thanks to the Atom Republic/Atom Universe team for all their hard work and I'll see Tanguy, Dena, and everyone else at the Block Party tomorrow! :)