Friday, 13 May 2016

DevBlog #19 – The Return of The Hub

Hello there and welcome back to Atom Republic’s DevBlog. During last week's entry we got a first look at the newer, revamped Hub. The week, the AR team has been in full swing continuing the momentum working on The Hub, so much so, that Steam players can now test and explore The Hub on the King Pin Branch (click here to find out how access this update on Steam).

What’s New?

While exploring The Hub you quickly learn that this area is very much under construction! The work force have left certain rides and attractions fenced off and if you look to the sky, you can see cranes going about their business. Lucky, the new area that is available is safe enough for your Avatar to explore.

The Lost & Found Minigame

During the excitement of The Hub re-opening, it seems that some unfortunate visitors to the park have lost some of their property…Keep a watchful eye out for these missing items and return them to the Lost and Found Kiosk to receive a reward. Keep bringing back lost items every day and you will receive a reward each day. 

What's Next?

  • Bug Fixing - With new updates comes new bugs, the development team have a list of known bugs from what they've discovered in the studio, but keep your bug reports coming in on the Atom Universe and Steam forums. 
  • Steam & PlayStation 4 Early Access - Once Atom Universe is in a solid position and the development team are happy, we'll be looking to push this update out live for all Early Access members, allowing the cross-play functionality to once more be resumed by both platforms. Keep an eye on our social media channels, forums and blog. We'll be making a big splashy announcement a little bit closer to the time. 

Weekly Developer Activity:


  • Breakdance animations.
  • More head accessories for your avatar to wear.


  • Improving Avatar socket system to attach accessories.
  • In the process of adding UI sound manager component into the menu options.


  • Server Performance.
  • Various bug fixes.


  • Gathering Analytics and making pretty charts.
  • In the process of creating an updated version of the Private Spaces video.


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  2. Nice blog for this week Dave. I've been testing via the Test Branch since build Monday night and loving the look of the new Hub! I took a lot of pics on my first night of testing ( The "Lost & Found" mini-game is fun and I just finished my 4th day last night winning 30 Atomz and get my 1st reward tonight, the aviator sunglasses! :) I've reported a few major bugs, but 2 of them were fixed with yesterdays build ( Interested to hear about the "UI sound manager component" that is being added to the menu options because I did notice the new Audio settings to enable and disable sound, but unfortunately that is where one of the major bugs I found resides since I tried to disable the sound with build 0 and have not been able to re-enable it since (others have experienced the same thing). Looking forward to seeing WIP images/videos of the new breakdances and head accessories shown to everyone. I loved seeing SubD Studio's new video of their remastered Mirage House and looking forward to seeing an updated version of the Private Spaces video too. Keep up the good work Atom Republic/AU team! :)