Friday, 6 May 2016

DevBlog #18 - Atom Republic Block Party and The Hub Screenshots

Greetings to all,

Welcome back to the Atom Republic DevBlog!

Before we move on to the new stuff, let's have a little recap of what happened last week. CEO Tanguy Dewavrin sat down in front of camera to answer some of your burning questions and there was some chit-chatter about The Hub making a return and that we would share some more information over the course of this month (what a tease!).

Just a quick reminder that the Atom Universe Block Party is this weekend. Come join Tanguy and the Atom Universe Community Manager in the Arcade Plaza this Saturday at 12:00 CST (10AM PST/1:00PM EST/6PM GMT). Who knows, maybe there will be some surprises during the party...

The Hub

Building on from last week's DevBlog, three new images have surfaced this week. In the first you can can see the entrance of the Arcade Plaza leading underground.

The second showing the The Hub from behind the Arcade Plaza Entrance, one of the more notable things in these pictures is the addition of the platforms, Kickstarter backers may remember that these were not place around The Hub before the Early Access phase. 

And Finally, Adam is trying out his new Teddy Bear mask (such a show off). 

Weekly Developer Activity 


  • Creating new Daily Bonus Artwork
  • Creating even more head gear accessories


  • Linking the Arcade Plaza to The Hub


  • Getting the performance metric from the server
  • Updating the Front-end menu to all access to The Hub


  • Maintaining the flow of content across our social channels
  • Reviewing older videos and seeing which content needs updating.


  1. Nice DevBlog for this week Dave. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to our first bi-weekly Block Party tomorrow! We've been having a great turnout for the recent weekly Community Meet Ups on the Early Access version, easily filling servers and Tanguy did come to one a few weeks ago (he attended many more during the Alpha), but I am definitely looking forward to seeing him and Dena at these Block Parties too! :) Nice pics of the Hub and it's nice to see how the Arcade Plaza fits into it now. I can't wait to be able to access it as I think it's been about a month in a half since the Alpha testers have been able to access it. Cute Teddy Bear mask and looking forward to seeing even more head accessories. Great progress as always this week and thanks again to all the hard work being put into Atom Universe by the Atom Republic/AU team! :)

  2. 🐎Hi,sounds awesome...too bad I missed the block party,I'll wait until I can get in!

    1. Sorry you missed it, but they will be every 2 weeks so the next one will be May 21. Hopefully you can join us for the next one! I posted an album with pics from the Block Party in my last comment below. :)

  3. Here's a photo album with pics from our first Block Party!

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