Thursday, 7 July 2016

Patch Notes: v03.7.4112

Good afternoon everyone,

We've got a new update for all Early Access players on PlayStation 4 and Steam. Let's get to the juicy details of what's new and what's changed.

Patch Notes:

  • E-mail registration screen has now been added to front-end menu (we promise not to spam you)
  • EULA has now been added to the front-end menu
  • Animated loading screens between level transitions 
  • More avatar accessories will soon be available
  • Cinematic screen in the front-end menu
  • Fixed importing PSN friends
  • The Bowling mini-game has been improved
  • Performance improvement for the Arcade Plaza
  • Pop-up window above the chat for in-game notifications (you don't want to miss those friend requests)
  • Mirage House Private Space is now available for all players
  • New Welcome screens added to Public and Private spaces
  • New Friendly NPC guides have been added to provide you with details about the space you're in
  • Various bug fixes with network and server connections
  • Added messaging and confirmation dialogues added in various places in-game
  • Performance improvements for the Hub 
  • UI confirmation dialogues to show all in-game error messages


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  2. YAYS! This is an AWESOME update! Loves it! Great new music and the remastered Mirage House from SubD Studio too!

    Btw, I've heard some people encountering issues loading past the e-mail verification. Tanguy said to make sure to scroll to the very bottom of the EULA text if that happens to you.

    As always, thanks to all the hard work by everyone at Atom Republic and the entire Atom Universe team! :)

  3. TONS of new accessories too! YAYS! :)

  4. Replies
    1. You can try getting a PS4 code for Early Access by signing up for the Atom Republic newsletter via this link: A code is not guaranteed as they are given out randomly. OR you can try to enter Tuesday Trivia contests hosted by Atom Republic on Facebook and Twitter for which the winners receive a PS4 code for Early Access.

  5. When is it coming for the eu

    1. I have many friends in EU playing in the Early Access 😊