Friday, 21 March 2014

Avatar Interactions Are Here! Embraces or Greetings?

Avatar interactions are here!
Embraces or Greetings?

This spring once again Atom Republic innovates, with a brand new
 portable category called "Avatar Interactions"!

For The First Time EVER in PS Home, you can interact physically with other avatars! This long-awaited feature is available to share with everyone, even if someone else does not own the item! Only one user needs to have this item equipped. Pressing the square button and choosing an interaction, invites everyone in the space to interact with your avatar! However, the choice of who to interact with is up to you!
Atom Republic is proud to be the first to bring you these new interactions. We give you a choice between two packs: the friendly Embraces, or the more formal Greetings. You will be able to shake hands, high-five and bro-fist pound with the Greetings avatar interactions! With the Embraces avatar interactions, you can hug, bro-hug and air-kiss your friends!
*These items are out in EU on 26th March, and at a date TBC in


AND, on the 16th of April in EU, we will release a third interaction pack! 
A Romantic Dance!
Invite everyone in the space to dance with you!

* NA release date TBA.

We hope you will enjoy our Embraces, Greetings and Romantic
Dance innovative items; remember who brought them to you first!


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