Thursday, 16 April 2015

More Private Spaces From the Contest Winners!

We are happy to announce Sergio Isaev, Noel Toro and Lyndon Hamer as winners of our private space contest! We are looking forward to publishing their private spaces in ‪AtomUniverse‬.

We have had a tremendous response to our competition, and some of the entries looked really stunning. We have selected two winners, who will officially become content providers for Atom Universe: namely the duet Sergio Isaev and Noel Toro, and solo artist Lyndon Hamer. Sergio and Noel built a beautiful cave house with an infinity pool and a minimalistic interior, which offers spectacular views:

 Lyndon made a traditional English pub, complete with pool tables. We love the attention to detail and the cosy atmosphere. It looks superb! Congratulations Lyndon.

We are looking forward to publishing those two private spaces in Atom Universe!
We've had a few more contestants who did show some encouraging contributions, but didn't look as final and still seem to need a lot of work, so we'll give them a bit more time to finalize their environments. But we can see the potential, and are looking forward to their progress. In the meantime here is a snapshot of what some of them did, to wet your appetite:
Feeka games sent us a beautiful cathedral interior, which really looks promising:

Steven White started a stylish house in a rocky garden, whic could evolve into something really sweet:

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