Friday, 15 April 2016

DevBlog #15 – Improved Social Features and Updated Music Playlist


The weekend is officially here! That means it time for our weekly DevBlog. As always, the Atom Republic team are busy at work, developing features and improving various mechanics to make your experience better while playing Atom Universe. Right, let’s get to the juicy bits.

Joining Servers

When you first start Atom Universe up, you’ll now notice that you’re able to select a server from the main menu. Now you’ll be able to arrange your community meet-ups and join them flawlessly, or maybe you’ve got a bunch friends that you’d like to hang out with.

Friends List

A friends list you say? Yes, we've gone ahead and implemented our very own friends list. You’ll be able to add your fellow gamers as friends. Simply press ‘Tab’ and ‘Shift’ on over to the recent players tab to select who you’d like to add.

Now that you've made a new friend or two, should the event arise and you get separated from one and another you will now be able to re-join them. While in in-game, simply press ‘Tab’ and head over to the Social menu and visit your online friends section. Here you’ll be able to select your friends name and join them (no matter what server they’re on).

Private Message

Got something you want to tell your friend privately? Why not send them a private message? In the latest version of Atom Universe you will now have the ability to send your friends and other players private messages. Press ‘ALT’ to open your chatbox and ‘right click’ to send a private message.

At this point in time you’ll only be able to send PM’s to individual players, you won’t be able to create group chats just yet.

Updated Music Playlist

Someone has dropped the beat! We made some changes to the Arcade Plaza’s Playlist, your avatars will now be able to dance off to a blend of Hip-Hop and Trap music. The new Playlist follows as:

  • Flawless Real Talk – Doctors
  • Flawless Real Talk Feat. David Reyes – Watching Over Me
  • Lazy Boyz – Falling
  • Lexxmatiq – Sloth Syndrome
  • LVX – Get Em Up
  • MoonBeat – Lullaby
  • Nostalgia – Get Dizzy
  • Sky Jonez Feat. Flawless Real Talk – Dreamer
  • Sky Jonez Feat . Issa Pointer – Found My Way
  • XVII – Achilles

New Dance Moves and Poses

With all that new music we fought it might be a good idea to include some new dance animations and poses. Adam and Eve now have 7 additional dance animations and 1 new poses each. (Time for a dance off?)

When Can We Play This Update?

Steam members, you'll be able to access this latest update once you've finished reading this DevBlog. This update will be available on the Main Branch of Steam (if you've been testing on our King Pin branch, you'll need to opt-out of Beta to get access). 

If you've got access to the PS4 version of Atom Universe, we're currently in the process of getting the update ready, keep an eye out on our social media channels as we'll be making a big splashy announcement when closer to the time of release. 

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Added an additional 16 dance moves and poses.
  • Swapping the in-game music for a fresher sound.


  • Working with the programming team, fixing any bugs affecting the social features.


  • Social features bug fixing and tweaking


  • Play testing the latest build
  • Planning and preparing assets for community updates
  • Eating Korean Sweets


  1. Damn that sounds like a hot update!
    Keep up the good work A.R!!

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  4. Awesome! I've been trying out all the new social features in the latest patch that was released to the test branch on Steam, version ( and I'm loving it! This will really help with our weekly Community Meet Ups too! I am loving all the new music too, especially the hip hop tracks from Flawless Real Talk and Skye Jonez, who were signed by J.F.C & The Virtual Community! Loving all the dance moves and poses too! Please share some of those Korean sweets Dave! :)

    Keep up the great work AU team! Amazing progress this week! :)