Saturday, 9 April 2016

Devblog #14 A Tribute To Our Community Of Musicians

Hello everyone,

This week we refined the social features and created more accessories to customise your avatars.
In terms of social features, we are adding functionalities in the chat to enable you to have private conversations with your friends. We also enable you to add friends, or block people: so you can chose to spend more time with the ones you like, without being harassed by unpleasant individuals.
As for accessories, we added a selection of masks you can wear to further express your personality.

We will share some visuals in the near future, so keep an eye on future dev-blogs and on our social media.

In the meantime, I wanted to pay a tribute to all the fantastic musicians and artists who accepted to provide music for our virtual world. We heard a lot of positive comments from our community about the music, and I can say confidently that it will only get bigger and better. It is just a beginning. If you visit the game now, you can still enjoy music from the likes of  Tobu, Daniel Di Marchi, Elysean Records, Clarx or Starkin.

In the next build we will update the playlist to share new music with you with a fresh playlist, featuring exciting new artists like Sky Jonez, Lazyboyz, XVII, Flawless Real Talk or Moonbeat.

The list goes on, and there are a lot more fresh talent to come, like Veela, SugarBeats, Beyond Recall....

I'd like to grab this opportunity to thank Neil from the JFC Virtual Community for his hard work on helping us bring so many incredibly talented artists on board.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • 3 head masks for men and women
  • GUI for the social features


  • adding social features to the chat


  • Fixed bugs
  • implementing chat and social features


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  2. Nice DevBlog for this week. I've seen mentions of work being done on the social features in the previous DevBlogs and it is nice to hear more details about the specific features in this one. I had already knew what they would be based on seeing the pop-up menu that's displayed from selecting a player in the "Online Players" list. I've seen posts on the Atom Republic's Facebook page for the new sunglasses for Eve and hats for Adam which are cool. As a member and editor for J.F.C & The Virtual Community I'm aware of all the artists that Neil has been finding for Atom Universe and I am most excited about the hip hop artists that he has found like Skye Jonez and Flawless Real Talk. I noticed the Sugar Beats and Veela too. I am aware of some others which aren't shared in this DevBlog too, but in general I see a wide variety of different kinds of music representing different genre's which is very nice. I am actually in the process of contacting many of them to conduct exclusive interviews for J.F.C & The Virtual Community. I too would like to thank Neil for all his hard work in signing all the artists! Awesome job to everyone on the Atom Universe team and keep up the great work! :)