Friday, 22 April 2016

DevBlog #16 - Weekly round up of Atom Republic news

Hello and welcome to another addition of the DevBlog. Today, we’ll be have a little catch up of the events that have happened over the course of this week around the Atom Republic Studio.


It’s been quite week here so far, on Wednesday we saw the release of Patch This brought Atom Universe on PlayStation 4 and Steam to the same version, allowing PS4 and Steam Early Access players to cross play between platforms. For more details on Patch visit our blog post from earlier this week.

New Head Gear Work In Progress

Yesterday, a couple more Work in Progress surfaced on our social media channels. It seems like our art team have been working on a couple more head gear accessories for Adam and Eve. This they come in the form of Face Masks.

Is Eve starting to prepare for the apocalypse?

Is that Adam wearing a Guy Fawkes mask?

Rumour has it, there might be a couple more Work in Progress appearing at some point over the course of next week, best to keep an eye on our social media channels.

Tanguy Dewavrin’s Interview with VRTV

Earlier this week Zeena Al-Obaidi of VR Focus was joined by our very own Tanguy Dewavrin, during the course of the interview, Tanguy discusses Atom Universe and his perfect VR hangout! You’ll be able to catch the full interview here:

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Working on some new head gear assets for the Avatars


  • Implementing the Social User Interface and functionality in the Front End UI.
  • Creating a system for attaching any generic object to a list of sockets.


  • Server Performance checks.
  • Import friends list from Steam.


  • More planning and plotting content to match up with the studios development plans.


  1. Great DevBlog Dave.
    You & the rest of the A.R Staff are doing amazing!
    Please make sure to tell everyone that from us.
    ~J.F.C & The Virtual Community.

    1. Yes Neil, as always I think this week's DevBlog was great (see my comments below) and I couldn't agree more about the great work being done by Atom Republic and the entire AU team! :)

  2. Great DevBlog for this week Dave! Yes, I've tried the latest patch for the Early Access version, build, and love that both PC users and PS4 users have that build and that cross-play is thus working as mentioned in the blog post from Wednesday. Having tried the previous patch, build, which was only available for PC users, I had already seen all the major changes, e.g. new social features, dances, pose, etc. I noticed the slight improvements in this build from a UI and functionality perspective and everything is looking great. A lot of great progress has been shown this week. I saw those WIP images of the masks shared on Twitter (also on Facebook) yesterday and those are nice as well. I also follow VRFocus on Twitter and had watched episode 5 of VRTV before you guys shared it on Twitter (and Facebook) and loved seeing Tanguy talk about Atom Universe. I loved how Tanguy answered Zeena's question about Atom Universe being the successor to PlayStation Home and he confirmed that he thought that it would even better and "take it to the next level." I have also seen Patrick O'Luanaigh, CEO of nDreams and non-executive Director for the AU team, also say that he thought that Atom Universe is the successor to PS Home and it's great to see this reaffirmed by Atom Republic's CEO. :)

    Thanks as always to the Atom Republic/Atom Universe team for all your hard work as they have yielded amazing results and I'm loving the progress being made! :)