Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Patch Notes - Steam and PS4 Early Access Update

Good Afternoon everyone.

Today, we'll be releasing a new patch for Atom Universe Early Access across Steam and PlayStation 4. This will bring each platform to the same version, allowing cross play between Steam and PlayStation 4 players.

Additional Steam Information 

Steam Players, you'll be able to access the latest version on our main branch. If you've been testing on our King Pin branch you will need to default back to the main branch. You'll be able to achieve this by doing the following:
  • Open your Steam Client
  • Right Click on Atom Universe
  • Go to Properties
  • Head over the 'BETAS' Tab
  • Click on the drop-down menu
  • Select 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs'

Afterwards, the new update should download for you (depending on how you've got your Steam Client set-up). If not, you can always 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache' from the 'LOCAL FILES' tab within the properties menu (this will force Steam to download the latest version).


  • Added inspect player in the social menu
  • Added player menu icon call out
  • Fixed the offline time for recent players
  • Fixed a bug of blocked players are not visible when they are offline
  • Cross play for PS4 and Steam users
  • Edit Text controls in chat allow copying/pasting with keyboard keys
  • PS4: Scrolling chat messages with Left Analog Stick
  • PS4: With virtual keyboard fixed a bug of swapped X and O buttons


  1. Thanks for the heads up Dave.
    Hope everyone has a good Earth Day.
    Keep up the great work Atom Republic.

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  3. This is awesome news! I was very pleased with the previous build,, and like those 1st 4 bullet points listed in the patch notes. For the 6th bullet point, I had seen copy & paste in the text chat log already worked in the previous build and so I will have to look to see what has changed. I'm very excited for point 5 about the cross-play working because then we will be able to have our meet up this Sunday with both PC AND PS4 players using the same build! :)

    Also, thank you Dave for the call out for Beta testers who have been testing using the Test Branch to let them know to switch to the Main Branch if they hadn't already done so. There was some confusion around that last week prior to our Community Meet Up and this additional clarity is very much appreciated. :)

    Great update and as always, I appreciate all the hard work by the AU team! Thank you! :)

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    1. Awww why the sarcasm, Steve? You don't like our meet ups? lol. I know you have only been to one of them, but I think they have been great since we started them during the Alpha stage which I know you weren't a part of since you only recently got access after buying War Hedz. I think it's been a great time to socialize and discuss the progress of the game with other users and potentially meet new people/make new friends. When the PC users and PS4 Alpha/Beta testers have been on the same build and cross-play working, we have been able to have more people join. For example, last Sunday, only PC users could join because PS4 users didn't have build, but this Sunday we will again be able to have both PC and PS4 users together like we had 2 weeks ago (the meet up you attended). I'm thankful that Tanguy was able to join for that meet up, which is the first meet up on the Early Access he attended. He came to many during the Alpha stage and it was always great to see him. He would always answer questions and listen to our feedback about the game. Most of all, he was always fun. You missed the time when we made a "soul train" with him or when we created a "forest of trees" (you had to be there to understand lol) with him too lol. Anyways, I'm sorry if you don't enjoy them, but nonetheless hope you will join us this Sunday at 3pm CST. :)

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    1. Oh ok lol. Well I thought you might want to socialize with other members of the community and not just want to talk to Tanguy. I mean it's great that he comes to them when he can, but as I'm sure you can imagine he is a very busy guy. Both myself and I were there from J.F.C & The Virtual Community and with the game in general I thought you would like to get on it to socialize with friends. If you have any questions about the game, I an others can try to help answer them for you, but as I have seen you follow updates on social networks and on the AU forums, I believe you probably already have the latest information that has been shared with the public. Of course Tanguy is our fearless leader for the game and it's always great to chat with him, but hopefully you will want to chat with other members of the AU team and community members as the game is greater than any one particular person. :)

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    2. Ok I understand. But they are not always readily available and there are members of the community who may be able to help you as well and so maybe you can consider that as an option. Just like I have seen you try to help other community members on Facebook. It's the same thing. We all try to help each other and that is why we are a community. Also, there are members of the AU team who are not necessarily official staff members and so please remember that as well. For example, moderators are not official staff members but they are part of the AU team. Same goes for others like Neil from J.F.C & The Virtual Community (which I know you are a member) who helps with signing artists for the game and what I did in the past with helping Atom Republic with the default avatar design and what I have been doing with partners for the game as well as being a part of one of the major partners, PS Talent. As J.F.C & The Virtual Community's editor, you might have seen my most recent interview I did with Engine Giant, another one of our partners for the game ( You might even have seen the 2 interviews I did with SubD Studio, one of the game's designers: the remastering of their "Mirage House" (, which was a follow-up to my 1st interview with them ( I will be talking to them soon about their update to the "Cave House" space. More interviews will be published soon with others devs you will know as either partners or major supporters of the game. In fact I am aware of a couple partners that haven't even been announced yet, but I too cannot share detailed information. In other words there are many people who work along side of Atom Republic on the AU project, but are not official staff members. I think if you expand your sources a bit, you will have even more information/knowledge at your finger tips. Just a thought as I think it may help you. :)

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