Friday, 29 April 2016

DevBlog #17 - Community Q&A and Weekly Developer Activity

Hello and welcome to another addition of the DevBlog!

Earlier this week, we created a post on the Atom Universe and Steam forums asking members of the community to share their burning questions about the development of Atom Universe. And posted you did.

Questions ranging from the value of Atomz, in-game clubs, avatar interaction and whether we preferred cookies or coffee (obviously cookies!). In return, our CEO Tanguy Dewavrin, jumped in front of the camera and answered all the questions he possibly could.

This resulted in a two part video series in which the first part was shared yesterday:

Ahh, you're probably asking yourself now, but I've seen the first part already...Where's the second part?! 

Well, the...Umm dog ate the tape...(Just kidding).

The second part of the Community Q&A is now live on our Official YouTube Channel

What's Happening Next? 

The Hub!?

Could it be? There's chatter around the Atom Republic Tower that the development teams attention has returned to The Hub, for more information on developments keep an eye out on our Blog (that's here) for more news over the course of next month.

Atom Republic's Block Party

Come by to dance, play games, and have fun with us during our very first Atom Universe Block Party. Beginning Saturday, May 7th at 12:00PM CST (10AM PST/1:00PM EST/ 6PM EU) Atom Republic will hold a bi-weekly Block Party in Atom Universe. With cross-play available both PC & PS4 players will be able to attend! We look forward to seeing you there, and we may even some surprises... Tanguy Dewavrin & Atom Universe Community Manager.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Creating art assets for the "Lost & Found" Minigame
  • Created some more Teddybear masks


  • Implementing functionality to retrieve all accessories from the accessories system.


  • Increased numbers players limit from 12 to 16 players

  • Filmed Community Q&A video with our CEO Tanguy Dewavrin
  • Drafting up the monthly Newsletter

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  1. Nice DevBlog for this week Dave. I had seen a lot of this in the monthly newsletter that went out today. The recent Q&A was cool and I appreciate Tanguy taking the time to answer the recent questions posed by the community. I'm very excited for the bi-weekly Block Parties starting next Saturday. We have been having those Community Meet Ups every Sunday which have been great and Tanguy attended many of them during the Alpha and so I'm happy to see that we will have these as official events hosted by Atom Republic now. I'll definitely be going to those and already have it on my calendar! I'm happy to hear that the dev team is focusing on the Hub as many have been asking about when it would be coming back. I've seen recent masks and head gear like the recent Hammie head and looking forward to seeing the Teddybear masks too. Also looking forward to seeing the "Lost & Found" mini-game as well. I saw that Tanguy had mentioned in the 2nd Q&A video that the limit of players per server had been increased from 12 to 16 and so that is also good news and will help with our upcoming Community events. With all the new accessories, I know that a good accessory system will need to be in place and so it's good to know that is being designed. Thanks for all the hard work being put in by the Atom Republic/Atom Universe team. I love the progress that is being made! :)