Friday, 25 March 2016

DevBlog #12 - Bug Fixing and Head Wear Accessories

Greetings all,

The weekend is finally here and that means it's time for our weekly DevBlog! What's been happening you ask? Well, if you've been following our progression on Steam, you'll notice that there has been quite a few updates this week. We've been taking full advantage of our testing branch releasing patch after patch.

The main theme this week has been bug fixing. We've had our bug nets out this week and we've been hunting down all kinds of bugs with the help of the community. Once we believe that we've got a solid build, we'll be moving the newer version of Atom Universe over to the Main Branch.

New Head Gear Coming Soon

While the Programming and Design team have been focusing on the bug fixing side of things, the art team have been working away on the some new fashion accessories for you avatar, allowing you to have a bit more customization over your avatar, want to see? Of course you do!

Eve's looking stylish with her Aviator sunglasses.

Adam sure knows how rock wearing a Beanie Hat.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Build the entrance of the arcade plaza and added WIP art in The Hub
  • Creating hats for the avatars


  • Bug fixing (Bowling, new player menu, new internal UI system)
  • Designing new chat interface and new interface for friends system


  • Bug fixing on the server side of things
  • Beginning work implementing the "friends" server code


  • Scheduling more content and planning 
  • Deciding whether to join the Dark Side or Rebel Forces. 


  1. As always, nice DevBlog Dave!

    Oh yes, I have noticed that there were many patches released to the Test Branch this week. I believe there have been 3 since Sunday (,, & and I saw an announcement posted today stating that the Early Access version was updated and so I am assuming that meant all those patches were applied to the Main branch. Nice aviator glasses for Eve and beanie for Adam! I'm looking forward to seeing the entrance to the Arcade Plaza as well as the WIP art that has been added to the Hub. I loved seeing the new holographic player menu that was part of patch and I have seen improvements to the overall stability of the bowling game. The current text chat interface has been fine for me, but I am looking forward to seeing the new design. I'm glad work is being done on the "friends" system so that hopefully we can start building our friends list within the game as well as messaging and inviting them. Most importantly, you should always choose the Rebel Forces! :)

    Keep up the great work AU team! :)

  2. When will you all be working on the ps4 version

  3. When will you all be working on the ps4 version

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  5. Hey Michael, the PS4 is currently being worked on. In fact, in the last DevBlog #11 (, it was mentioned near the end. Also earlier today it was announced that the PS4 version of the Alpha was updated so testers can access the Arcade Plaza too: Just like what was done with the PC Early Access version where the PC Alpha testers tested it for while before it went to the entire Steam community, the PS4 version of the Alpha with the Arcade Plaza will need to be tested by the Alpha testers before going to the entire PlayStation community. It will also need to go through Sony's QA process too. The good news is that a lot of bugs were found and fixed with the PC version and so those fixes should be in the PS4 version now. The only concern with the PS4 release is the QA testing that needs to be done by Sony which is out of the control of Atom Republic. But rest assured the PS4 version has been worked on for a while. It has been in Alpha for over 6 months. I have been testing the PC version for over 7 months and the cool thing is that there is cross-play between PC and PS4 so as long as we are both on the same version of the game, we can play on the same servers together. :)

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