Saturday, 5 March 2016

Atom Universe is now available on Steam Early Access

We’re happy to announce that our Free-to-Play social virtual world is now available on Steam Early Access for PC gamers to download! In this first version, which we will use to test and refine our core technology and mechanics, you’ll be explore only our first area: the Arcade Plaza. Take part in the 10-Pin Bowling mini-game and socially interact with other players!

Steam Early Access

With Steam Early Access you’ll be able to get immediate access to Atom Universe throughout its development process. Over time, you’ll be able see Atom Universe evolve from this small section of the park, as new features and attractions are added all the time. You’ll be able to witness and test it all!

Is Steam Early Access for me?

If you’re looking for a solid gameplay experience, we suggest that you might hold-off on playing Atom Universe until we exit the Early Access phase; despite our best efforts in these early days there will likely be a wide range of bugs that can affect your overall experience of the game.

However, if you want to help us mould the game into an awesome experience, then get involved now!

Working with the community

By using the bug report section in our Steam Forums, you’ll be able to help the development team squish all those pesky bugs. We're always reading all feedback, and from time to time we may share polls to the community that will allow you to choose which features you want to see implemented into Atom Universe next! And, as always, we encourage everyone to share their ideas and feedback about Atom Universe in the Feedback & Suggestions sub-forum. Who knows, your feedback and suggestion might catch the eyes of the development team!

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