Friday, 18 March 2016

DevBlog #11 – Improvements to the UI, New Dances Moves and Poses Added and Weekly Developer Activity

Greetings Everyone!

Wow, is it Friday already? Well, we guess it’s time for another entry into our DevBlog. So, what’s been happen this week you ask? Quite a lot in fact, in last week’s Devblog you may have noticed that team was in the process of implementing some new dance moves, new poses and the in-game players was getting a revamp. 

New Dance Animations

It’s not secret, Adam and Eve were a bit shy when it came to dancing on the Arcade Plaza dance floor (awkward). Anyway, after a few lessons and dance routines in Unreal Engine 4, they can’t wait to the back to the dance floor and bust-a-move!

Looking good Adam!

Eve is starting to feel those electronic moves.

In total, Adam will have choice of six dance moves and Eve will have choice of six. Between each Avatar, you’ll be able to select between shared and unique moves.

New Avatar Poses

It’s time to show off with our new poses, whether it’s for a group photo or maybe you want to act like the Karate Kid. Similar to the dance moves, we’ll be adding six new poses for your avatars and once again, there will be a mix match of shared and unique poses for the avatars.

In-game Player menu 2.0

One of the more notable changes to Atom Universe in the improvements on the in-game player menu. Previously, by press TAB on the PC or Square on the PS4 a menu would appear above your avatars head. While it gave you basic access to the emojis, dances and poses, we felt that it was a bit unconventional.

With the newer design, your avatar will use and small device that transmits a holographic menu in front of your avatar (futuristic huh?). While the menu is open, you’ll have access to all the options that were previously available and you’ll also be able to preview them before selecting them.

PlayStation 4

What about the PS4 version of Atom Universe? This week, the team have been looking at bringing the Arcade Plaza to the PlayStation 4. At this current point in time, we’re in the process of building the PS4 version and testing it internally around the studio. Once we’re happy with the build and there aren’t too many game breaking bugs, we’ll be looking to release to our Kickstarter backers for further testing.

We must continue to ask for your continued support and patience while we continue to work Atom Universe and make it an experience that everyone can enjoy. From all your encouraging posts on Social Media, we know just how much the PS4 version means to you.

Once the Arcade Plaza is live on the PS4 for our Kickstarter backers, we’ll also be holding weekly competitions across our community giving you the chance win access to the PS4 version.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • Created design mock-ups for the in-game store.
  • Worked on a bunch of dance and poses animations.


  • Implementing new in-game player menu. 
  • Continuing to make improvement to the UI Framework


  • Unreal Engine upgrade for the game to 4.10.4. 
  • Preparing a PS4 build of the game for internal testing.


  • Scheduling content and planning DevBlogs.
  • Logging player feedback and bugs reports.


  1. Everything look's amazing.
    Really digging that new U.I (Holographic Menu)
    Keep up the great work everyone!

  2. I see more great development progress shared in this DevBlog! Nice preview of some of the new dance moves and poses for Adam & Eve too. The holographic player menu looks great and I like that there is a preview feature included too. I have seen a lot of community members who have inquired about something coming to the PS4 and so it's good to see that this was addressed in this blog as well. While I understand that the anticipation for a PS4 release is high, I hope that Atom Republic will take their time and get it right because I think it is even more critical for the first impression of that release to be even more stable than the first build of the Early Access version that was released for PC on Steam since the majority of the AU Community comes from the PlayStation Community who want the game on the PS4. Just like the backers of the game got an opportunity to test it out before going live to the masses, I'm glad that the same will be done with the PS4 release of the Early Access version. It's also great to hear that there will be weekly competition accompanying the PS4 release of the Early Access version to give non-backers a chance to assist with the testing of that version before it's general public release. Keep up the great work Atom Republic! It is very much appreciated by the entire AU Community! :)

  3. So for my part I have played with Atom and I personally mediocre gameplay graphics zero zero finds lots of progress yet to find an outcome as Plastation home.

  4. Looks good i like to see it big as ps home was if u can add sodium 3 make it with new air craft an tracks new sodium looking world add other games that was on ps home an add it so it can seem like a real wold that u can go places like ps home did its like got to be better then ps home cuz it the ps4 virsion of a live world

  5. I'm excited about the new Moves

  6. When will the Hub be open again