Friday, 11 March 2016

DevBlog #10 - Steam Early Access Release and Developer Activity

Hello and welcome to issue #10 of the Atom Republic DevBlog. In our last issue we we’re preparing the Arcade Plaza for our Alpha testers on Steam as well as making some smaller changes to the front end menu.

Since then, we've opened the doors of Atom Universe to the public on Steam Early Access and we’ve had an amazing response from the community who have been sharing their feedback across our social media channel and forums.

Toward the beginning of this week, March 8th we release a Hotfix patch containing some bug fixes. You’ll be able to find more details here of what was included in the patch.

What’s next?

Firstly, our Community Team will be going over the forums and social media gathering any and all of your feedback and they’ll be relaying this information back along to the development team. Whether you've got an amazing suggestion for Atom Universe, or maybe there is a bug affecting you in-game. Make sure you either visit our forums on Steam, or on our Website and post away!

Working with the community

With Steam Early Access available to the general public now, we’ll be looking at ways of how we can include the community (that’s you) in our development. From time to time, we’ll be posting polls that will allow you choose what features, mini-games or avatar clothing you’d like to see get implement next.

And who knows, maybe the Development team might like one of your suggestions and it could pop up in one of our polls further down the line.

Weekly Developer Activity


  • In the process of creating eyewear for the Avatars.
  • Creating dance animations and poses.


  • Re-Designing player menu and designing new shop interface.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to the UI framework.


  • Adding emojis to the server so they appear in the in-game menu and above the avatar correctly.
  • Working on a block list that players to block troublesome players from contacting them.
  • Implementing poses for the avatars.
  • Implementing dances for the avatars.


  • Logging community feedback and bug reports.
  • Relaying information onto development team.


  1. Good DevBlog, Enjoyed the update.
    Good read.

  2. Nice update in this DevBlog. It will be great to see the dances and poses in the Early Access version after the code for them has been "re-factored" since we have seen them in the Alpha for a while and I'm sure we will see new ones when this work is done too! Nice mention about the designs in progress for Adam & Eve's eye accessories. I have seen many comments from the community in the past about the player menus so its nice to see they are re-designed and hopefully address that feedback. Also good to hear about the shop interface being designed too. I hadn't noticed any issues with the emojis in either the Alpha or Early Access version, but I do recall someone telling me about a weird bug with some hidden menu popping up when they accessed the emoji menu. I recall seeing programming for the block list mentioned in DevBlog #9 too so I guess that feature is a lot of work. I have seen feedback from the community to indicate that it is an important feature to them though and I agree it is. Keep up the great work on Atom Universe, Atom Republic!