Monday, 9 February 2015

W.I.P. Stage Development: Atom Universe Fountain

Work In Progress pictures; Stage Development - Fountain

The various stages of development:

1-Wire frame: this is the phase where we build the actual geometry

2-Texturing: textures are mapped onto every surface of the geometry

3-Lighting: light sources are placed throughout the environment, to add depth and atmosphere

4-The final render, as seen in-game, with all the post processing (bloom, lens flares etc...) 


  1. I do not believe this new home page will get a very good welcome unless both PS3 and 4 users can use it. As I have spoke with many of the people that can not afford a new PS4 just so they can enjoy being there with their friends. most of them said the will file in the courts to have any new programming on the new system for a home page stopped in federal courts since they are already being ripped off by the closer of the PSHome page on the 31st of March and they have spent alot of money there and it will all be a lost of time and money to them. So what I think would make it right is to make all new home pages open for both PS3 and 4 game system users.

  2. Hello George,

    I am sorry not to be able to release on PS3, but people ask me for better graphics than PS Home. Therefore I must use better tech, i.e. Unreal Engine 4 that is the next generation of graphics engines. And this doesn't run on the PS3. Have you got a PC? we will release the game on PC too. I understand you're upset about the closure of PS Home. So am I , it was my only source of income. But I don't think there is much we can do about it. If you provide me your receipts of virtual items you bought from Atom Republic, we will compensate you with virtual items in Atom Universe. Obviously I can't do anything about items you bought from other developers.