Thursday, 5 February 2015

200 Atom Universe Forum Members!

This is a special day, since we've reached 200 members on the Atom Universe Forums! We thought we'd reveal another minigame!

Welcome, to all our new members! Thank you for joining us and supporting Atom Universe.

The newest game we're working on is a Shooting Gallery. Here are a few W.I.P. Development pictures of the Corridor for the Shooting Gallery minigame.

Corridor - Stage 1: Wire frame: this is the phase where we build the actual geometry

Corridor - Stage 2: Texturing: textures are mapped onto every surface of the geometry

No picture at time of publish.

Corridor - Stage 3: Lighting: light sources are placed throughout the environment, to add depth and atmosphere

Corridor - Stage 4: The final render, as seen in-game, with all the post processing (bloom, lens flares, etc…)

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