Friday, 5 December 2014

Announcing Atom Universe and pictures of our work in progress (W.I.P.)

Atom Universe
 and "Work in Progress" (W.I.P.) postings.

Beginning with an interview November 30 2014 on  the word was out. The interview begins;

"Atom Republic is a developer known well to those who love PlayStation Home. Some Home developers (as seen elsewhere here) have announced their intentions to try and develop a new virtual "Home-like" world for the PS4. However, Atom Republic's intentions on what they plan to do next, has not been known. Until now. I had the pleasure of speaking with AR's owner/creator, Tanguy Dewavrin, recently and he was ready to tell me all about his future plans. Here's what he had to say......" (Please see the entire article on YPSH )

Once the interview with YPSH was posted, it was time to post the official announcement on the Atom Republic Facebook page :

"Now that the interview is out, all the voucher codes are given, we are free to announce our project: Atom Universe ! It's a theme park game where you can meet friends, chat and play lots of attractions and rides. We aim to release the 1st iteration in May 2015. It's still early days, and we will appreciate your opinion and feedback on a lot of aspects of the game's design. So, if you want to join the debate, please head over to our forums at and make your voice heard!"

In the meantime, we thought we would post one picture a day on our Facebook page so you can see the Work In Progress (W.I.P.) on our Atom Universe game. For today, we'll catch up with the last four days of W.I.P. posting's. 

W.I.P. *Work In Progress, one a day.
Day One:

Hello folks, to show you our W.I.P. we thought we'd try and post an image a day, so you can see the progress of Atom Universe. Let's start with this general shot of the hub: in the middle there will be a fountain where people can hang out, next to the big Ferris wheel. All the rides are dotted around on the periphery. And in the foreground there will be viewing platforms with holographic information terminals.

Day Two:

Today’s W.I.P. is the concept illustration for Atom Universe: it is the first ever image that was produced for the game. It represents what we're aiming to achieve: a fun, futuristic theme park, filled with exciting rides and attractions... and tons of friends to interact with!

Day Three:

Today's W.I.P. - This is the Crowbots arena, a dog-fighting game where you pilot a mechanized crow, in a multi-player battle in the skies! 

Day Four:

Today's W.I.P. picture is of the Ferris wheel (in the foreground,) and the Crowbots arena (in the background.) Notice the space shuttle in the distance? This will take you to different planets! But it's not going to be in the first release of the game. We'll have to create other planets first!

To be continued...

When you have time, please come join us on  Atom Universe forums where we have more details about the game and our progress available. We are also looking forward to hearing more of your ideas and suggestions for Atom Universe!

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