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2014 Christmas Newsletter

Winter is coming... so does ATOM REPUBLIC's Christmas Newsletter!

" 'Twas right before Christmas, when all through-out Home..."

"Atom Republic was busy, with plans of their own..."

- Conceptual Illustration -
First image produced for Atom Universe

In the past we had the privilege of celebrating Christmas with you in PlayStation Home. This Christmas, we would like to share our plans for a new game, Atom Universe; a fun, futuristic theme park we are developing. It's filled with exciting rides, attractions, and tons of friends to interact with!

This year we have presents for you - pictures, and the (quoted in Blue Italics) poem
"Atom Universe, A Christmas Proposal"
by an Anonymous contributor. 

"Share our vision of fun, they exclaimed rather loudly!"

In-game HUB & Fountain
*More pictures 
In the middle of the Atom Universe HUB, benches surround a center piece fountain where people can hang out, or meet up and chat with friends; all next to the big Ferris Wheel. Various rides are dotted around on the periphery, such as the WaveRider - a giant roller coaster. There will be viewing platforms (in the foreground) with holographic information terminals.
"A futuristic theme park, we created so  proudly!"

HOVERBASH, a bumper-car arena with a twist! Themed around 1950's classic cars, challenge your friends in this retro attraction. The "twist" - the bumper cars are hover cars!

" IN with all things of new, OUT with those which are old."


The HYPER SONIC ride is an interactive roller coaster with multiple tracks, so it's going to be quite unique! We have tons of ideas for this one, but it will take a while to make.


"We are staging a coup! With new rides for the bold!"



In the MOtOr Stunts attractions, you get to drive a buggy around loop-de-loops, ramps, and bumps at high speeds to execute crazystunts!

"Our theme park is filled with amazing, cutting-edge attractions,"

Space Shuttle
The Space Shuttle will take you to different planets! However, it's not going to be in the first release of the game; we have to create other planets first!

"and time with old friends, and avatar interactions!"

Avatar Interactions
To push avatar interactions one-step further in Atom Universe (which we plan on doing a lot,) in an update we will develop locomotion objects to let other users hitch a ride with you. For example, you can equip a sports car, and then invite another avatar to sit on the passenger seat. Enjoy the ride!
"All "Homies" finally gave a huge sigh of relief,
knowing they would not be left out in the cold with their grief!
Even though the old community's servers are now closing,
THANK YOU ATOM REPUBLIC, for the new place you're proposing!"

Atom Universe, A Christmas Proposal

Atom Universe Demo


Try before you buy...

We will release a demo of Atom Universe on PC in February 2015. Just before our Kickstarter, to make sure it succeeds! This way you can try before you buy!

Atom Universe Forums !


Help us create a game that you will enjoy!
We want your opinion on all aspects of Atom Universe...

It's still early days, and we would appreciate your opinion and feedback on game design aspects. So, if you want to join the debate, please head over to the Atom Universe forums at and make your voice heard!
Your PlayStation Home community website had the first interview 
with Atom Republic's own Tanguy Dewavrin, announcing Atom Universe. Check it out at:
YPSH also has a thread to discuss all things Atom Universe related at:

Meet Kozzzmo's special guest; Tanguy Dewavrin, founder of Atom Republic as they discuss Atom's new virtual world: Atom Universe! Beginning Wednesday, December 17 in the PSTALENT.COM Theater!
Check out the YouTube video of the SPOTLIGHT interview


Atom Universe YouTube Video

Watch the video here!
we wish you much cheer...

Merry Christmas to all, 


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