Friday, 19 February 2016

DevBlog #8 - Polishing off the Arcade Plaza and small changes to the Avatar Customisation Interface

Hi everybody! It’s that time of week again and we’re happy to bring you another edition of the DevBlog. In last week’s DevBlog, we welcomed Daren White to the Atom Republic team, as well as announcing Flawless Real Talk’s music is going to be featured in Atom Universe

This week has been an incredibly busy week for the team, we're currently polishing off the Arcade Plaza and are squishing all those pesky bugs that are getting found during the play testing sessions.

Design have also given us a little insight to what they've been up to this week and you’ll be happy to know that there has been some small changes to the avatar customisation interface in the main menu. Soon, you’ll be able to change the hair colour of your avatar without changing the highlights of your clothes and you’ll be able to change the skin colour of your avatar.

This Week’s Developer Activity


  • Polishing off the Arcade Plaza environment.


  • Implemented some small changes to the avatar customisation interface, you’ll be able to change skin colour and hair colour, which is now separate from the clothes highlight colour.
  • Implemented the new wallet system, so player can see their Atomz! And they’ll get a notified when they receive new Atomz.


  • Bug fixing on the in-game avatar menu and expanding the back-end to allow us to add more content in the future. 
  • Testing our server scalability by using bots to fill up our server space.


  • Managing JIRA tasks and ensuring the team are keeping within their workflow. 
  • Play testing the latest build and searching for bugs.


  • Play testing the latest build on the hunt for bugs. 
  • Planning for the next batch of video content to share with the community. 
  • Managing the content calendar, tweaking, improving, removing and looking at content.
  • Content.


  1. Yes!please keep working on customizing avatar.

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  3. Yes!please keep working on customizing avatar.

  4. Wowzerz, sounds like the AU team has accomplished a lot this week! I like the sound of those avatar customization options that will allow us to change the color of our avatar's skin & hair separately from the color of its outfit. Understanding that full avatar customization will not be available in the initial release, I think these options being added are nice. I remember how the last DevBlog (DevBlog #7) mentioned the new "credit system" and so I like the sound of the "wallet" concept mentioned here. I had always assumed that there would be some kind of automated tests to stress/load test the game and so it sounds like that is what is being done with the mentioned bots accessing the servers. That's cool to hear you guys use JIRA because that is what my company's IT departments use and due to my digital marketing team's involvement with various IT groups, we have also been using JIRA and other Atlassian tools for our digital marketing projects. We create tasks in JIRA and also use Confluence for collaboration and document management across all our different teams. I'm excited to see new videos and other content for AU. Very nice DevBlog! Keep up the great work AU team! ^__^