Thursday, 21 January 2016

DevBlog #4 Merging Design, Programming and Art & SKY JONEZ, bringing Hip-Hop to Atom Universe

Hello and welcome to the latest addition of the DevBlog, over the course of these entries we’ve been following the team’s progress with the Bowling Alley as they took us through design, coding and balancing process. This week, things are starting to fall into place and our CEO Tanguy Dewavrin will be giving us some details adding the Artwork into Atom Universe. We’ll also be taking this opportunity to write about Sky Jonez an American based Hip-Hop producer who has kindly allowed us to feature some of his music within Atom Universe.

“This week I’ve been integrating The Bowling game into the Atom Universe world, our level artist Paul Rance has created this amazing space to house the Bowling Alley and our Programming and Design team have created the mechanics.

My role in this is to take what the Programming and Design team have worked on and merge it all together within the environment that Paul has created. I’ve also spent a fair amount of time improving the textures on the bowling assets so they look photorealistic and more detailed, in-line with Paul's environment and Atom Universe's high fidelity graphics."

“While merging everything together I need to match everything up, so a lot time goes into fixing collisions, replicating and scaling content so it fits nicely into the environment. I’ve had a little bit of trouble with the scene lighting, as you can imagine in a real life bowling alley there is a lot of lights. Trying to recreate this in Atom Universe mean that there is quite a bit of complex geometry to go through and this is causing some errors trying to replicate the light in this vast environment.”

“Overall the Unreal Engine is powerful enough to give you all the tools to troubleshoot the issues. And I also am getting great help from the team, who help me with technical difficulties. We just have to tackle issues one at a time, and ask around for help from the Unreal support team and forums. It takes time and a lot of hard work, but it will be worth it in the end!”

SKY JONEZ, Bringing Hip-Hop to Atom Universe!

SKY JONEZ (Albert Martinez) is the latest addition to join the roster of music that will be highlighted in Atom Universe! Original known as CHI, SKY was a member of Rhode Island rap trio ‘Dark Skyz’ while under the CHI alias SKY released ‘The Forecast’ along with some of his own solo projects ‘All or Nothing Vol.1-2’, ‘Stand Out’ and ‘1 0f 1’ (produced by WHOS RICH FLAIR BEATS). Currently signed to the indie label ‘TEAM FLAWLESS ENT’, SKY has released his first official studio album ‘Want More Do More’.

We're extremely happy that SKY JONEZ has allowed us to use the following tracks: Stars featuring Flawless and Chris Watson, Dreamer featuring Flawless Real Talk and Found My Way featuring Issa Pointer expanding Atom Universe music roster into the Hip-Hop genre.

For more information about SKY JONEZ, You’ll be able to him on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and ReverbNation.

Special Thank to J.F.C & The Virtual Community for helping to arrange this!


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  2. After seeing a preview of this DevBlog on Facebook/Twitter earlier in the week, I was definitely excited for this to be posted, especially since Tanguy was going to be featured in it! It's so very cool to hear about Tanguy doing development on Atom Universe! The 2nd DevBlog already talked about the kind of development that Alex the CTO was doing and now this DevBlog is telling us what kind of development mister CEO Tanguy himself is doing! I know that Atom Republic is a small development studio and so this is not unheard of for small companies, but it never ceases to amaze me when I hear about such things. It was interesting to learn about how Tanguy ran into issues and how he sought the help of other developers and even Unreal support. This gives true insight into the types of challenges that are encountered that may on the surface seem like small details which we may otherwise not be aware. It also shows the team's attention to detail to make all aspects of the game as realistic as possible. You really get a sense of the team effort that is taking place to bring Atom Universe to our community and it is so very much appreciated! ^__^

    Previously we had been hearing many artists for AU that seemed to be predominantly EDM and while I like what I've heard, I'm still a hip-hop girl at heart. So needless to say, when I found out through J.F.C. & The Virtual Community that a hip-hop artist was going be featured in AU, I was totally psyched! I've listened to multiple tracks by Sky Jonez and think he's dope! I especially like the songs featuring Flawless, like "Dreamer", which I just listened to again after tweeting about it recently. Big shout out to J.F.C. & The Virtual Community for helping to bring my kind of music to Atom Universe! ^__^

    Keep up the great work yall! This is all so very awesome to read! ^__^