Thursday, 7 January 2016

Atom Universe DevBlog #2 - The Bowling Alley scoring system, New YouTube Channel and PayPal donations

Hey Atomz,

We’re officially in 2016 and we’re happy to bring you our first DevBlog of the year! This week we’re going to have a little catch up with Alex (our CTO) and see what he’s been up to this week, we’ll be sharing some news about our new YouTube channel and we’ll be wrapping things up with information about the PayPal Donations. 

Previously, Luke gave us an insight into his workflow by introducing The Bowling Alley. Today, we’ll be continuing to look at The Bowling Alley with Alex’s work. Over the course of this week, Alex has been in the zone working his way through Atom Universe’s C++ code looking at implementing the in-game scoring system.

“This week, I've been working on the bowling scoring system. It is quite a complex process requiring a lot of C++ coding in order to get the system working correctly within the Atom Universe Bowling game.  Before I even started on the coding I needed to research 10-pin bowling, by playing the real game and studying the maths”.

“One of the challenges I faced was with the final round of bowling for example, the last round may require bonus rolls after a combinations of strikes or spares. There was a small issue that was causing the last round not to add up the score correctly.”

“Overcoming this issue required me to design some automated test scenarios that would check the code to make sure that it’s implemented correctly. By adding the testing code into the C++ we’re able to test for all possible outcomes that the player my come across and if we come across any broken code, we’ll be able to fix it”. 

Welcome to Atom Republic’s official YouTube Channel

A new year, a new YouTube channel. As Atom Universe continues grows, we thought that it would be for the best if set-up an official channel for Atom Republic. Over the course this year, we’ll be using the newer account to share new and exciting content with you.

PayPal Donations have officially ended.

At the beginning of the year we posted across our social media channels, we would no longer be accepting PayPal donations. What this means is you’ll no longer be able to donate money to us to gain access to the Alpha version, or to upgrade your Kickstarter pledge level.

We feel that this is a crucial step we must take as we start to approach the next stage of development (more news to come on this in the near future). We’d like to give everyone a huge thanks you for support and passion, without you we couldn't make Atom Universe an reality. 

That's all for this week, stay tuned for the next edition...


  1. Great read, Keep up the good work!
    Proud supporter, Contributor right here.
    I know all the hard work you all are putting into this.
    I am more then sure it's caused a ton of headaches along the way.
    I know you are all giving it the best, to make it the best.
    It will all pay off in the end. I wanna say Thank you again for all the hard work you all are putting into this project.
    Here's the the future of Atom Universe!

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  3. Thanks for sharing this Dave! Great to see what Alex has been working on and sounds like some interesting work with the point system & automated tests to test the new code. I hope we will be able to complete our interview with Alex soon too! :)

    I saw the new YouTube channel & think that's great. I know that ever since PS Home, Tanguy had been uploading all the videos on a YouTube channel created by him and so I think it's a great idea to have a new official one that is separate for the company. I'll be sure to share it! :)

    I remember seeing that announcement on FB a little before NYE & there being a little confusion as to whether donations would still be accepted, but donations rewards just not be given after December 31, 2015. I always thought a time would come when donations wouldn't be accepted anymore and understand why that would be. But the good news is the Early Access version will be released soon (hopefully still on track for the 1st quarter of this year) to the general public and so those who couldn't get access to the Alpha may not have to wait much longer to try out the game! :)

    Just like J.F.C. & The Virtual Community, I too have been an avid supporter of Atom Universe and very pleased with all the progress I have seen! I would also like to thank the entire AU team for all it's efforts and very excited for it's future release! ^__^

  4. This is a nice post explaining a lot about Bowling Alley. I really appreciate your efforts to do so. If you have more information about this topic plz reply me here in the comment. Thanks in advance.

  5. This is a nice post explaining a lot about Bowling Alley. I really appreciate your efforts to do so. If you have more information about this topic plz reply me here in the comment. Thanks in advance.