Monday, 7 December 2015

Q&A with Tanguy Dewavrin

Hello everyone, Tanguy here! We’re sure you’re curious to know we’ve been up to, so its Q&A time!

Wondering what we’ve been working on, what’s down the line or what I’ve had for lunch? Post your questions here and let’s have blast! I’ll be coming on to the Atom Universe forums this Thursday 10th December to answer as many of your questions as possible about the development of Atom Universe and about going-ons around the Atom Republic studio. 

Looking forward to your questions and see you all on Thursday! 


  1. Hiya Tanguy! :D

    Thank you for having this Q&A with the community! :D That's awesome & can't wait to see all the questions everyone has as well as seeing you're answers. I'll have to think a bit about mine, but I'll be sure to post them to the forums soon! :D

    See you & everyone on the forums Thursday! :D

  2. Hi Tanguy, The big questions that weigh heavy on everyone's mind is the PlayStation Home "fam's" that used to use app's to mod the servers that used to freeze users on PlayStation Home, Sniff for codes, & bully/harass other users, This has been big topics not only in the Atom Universe community on the PS4, But as well as mine
    over at J.F.C & The Virtual Community.

    As we keep our eyes open on the more known people that used to harass and freeze servers using these app's, There has been a lot of issues that have been reported from the Four Kings Casino from Digital Leisure, Also good news has been reported that a lot of users who harass others on that app have been banned & removed, but others continue to threaten the Atom Universe communities & state that because Atom Universe & another unmentioned social platform are
    cross play, that they are planning on attacking servers, & that it will also effect the PS4 users, Can you help clarify that everyone will be safe from these type's of attacks & discomfort gameplay because of these old actions from these type of people?

    I know that it had been mentioned before that you have hired security on your servers, I guess it would put everyone's mind at ease to know there will be swift actions, & a Zero tolerance policy for anyone that condones in these type of actions.

    I hope there is IP ban's & misc.
    Thanks for your time, & Keep up the great work.
    We are all anticipating Atom Universe, as we know it will be a great success.