Friday, 11 December 2015

New Atom Universe Update and Community Q&A Recap

Good evening Atomz,

The weekend is finally here and it’s been quite the week here at Atom Republic, the team have been hard at work getting the v0.06.410 patch ready for PS4 and Steam. Yesterday, our CEO Tanguy Dewavrin also took some time out of his busy schedule to take part within Q&A session with the community on the Atom Universe forums.

v0.06.410 Patch

We’re happy to announce that the latest patch will be live on Steam today, the patch has also been submitted to Sony and we’re hoping that we’ll be able to make live on the PS4 over the weekend (keep an eye out on our Facebook page, we’ll be making an announcement the second it when goes live).

Customization of avatar colours for dress and highlight

Patch Notes:

  • Improved text chat 
  • List of online players in The Hub 
  • Customization of avatar colours for dress and highlight 
  • Fixed the ferris wheel (carriages no longer appear in the centre of the ferris wheel)

Known Issues

  • Inverted controls on the virtual keyboards (X closes chat, O inputs text) 
  • Missing exit triggers in Crow Bots (Use the option button (PS4) & ESC (PC) to exit Crow bots to The Hub) 
  • Collision barriers anomaly outside of Crow Bots (we're currently investigating)

Q&A With Tanguy

Yesterday, our CEO Tanguy Dewavrin took to the Atom Universe forums to take part within an community Q&A session. Over the course of an hour, Tanguy managed to answer a handful of your questions:

Q: Will pc players get new additions (clothes, spaces, etc.) before ps4 players?  And if so, how long before ps4 players have access to the same stuff? - Lionhrt41

A: We will submit content at the same time, and will try and release at the same time. But realistically, we can push content a lot quicker on PC. - Tanguy

Q: The PlayStation Home "fam's" that used to use app's to mod the servers that used to freeze users on PlayStation Home, Sniff for codes, & bully/harass other users, This has been big topics not only in the Atom Universe community on the PS4 - Ransom_Stark

A: We take cyber-bullying very seriously. We will do everything in our power to prevent it. - Tanguy

You will be able to find the full Q&A session here. We would like to thank everyone who took the time out and posted their questions and took part within the Q&A. 

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