Friday, 8 August 2014


Starting Monday, August 11th, 2014, YPSH presents its biggest contest EVER. YPSH is giving away $100 (US) in prizes! All you have to do is find one of our members, x-x_KIA_x-x . Where In PlayStation Home is Kia? She's out roaming PlayStation Home and she wants YOU to tell her where she is. Each day , for seven days (Aug. 11th through Aug. 17th) we will post a photo of Kia. You will have 24 hours to tell us WHERE KIA is. Only the exact full name of the PlayStation Home space (as listed in PS Home) will be considered. The next day we will post a new photo and a list of those who correctly got the previous days location. From that list, we will have a randomizer pick one of those names. That person will win a PlayStation Netowrk Card!

AND for the first time ever, the winner can pick which country they would like the PSN Card to be good in from the following list:

Ireland , Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, France, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Poland,
South Korea, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, UK, Canada and USA!

If you win, your name will be entered in a final GRAND PRIZE drawing on the 8th day (Aug. 18th). That lucky person will win an ADDITIONAL PlayStation Network Card AND some cool prizes from the Veemee, JAM Games, Atom Republic, Dani & Codeglue and Madmunki! The people who make the cool stuff we all love for PlayStation Home.

So get ready! Forget those hot August days and see if you can snag a PSN Card to buy some cool stuff in PlayStation Home! Finding Kia isn't always going to be easy. Check back everyday for a new photo and tell us "Where in PlayStation Home Is KIA?".

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