Monday, 18 August 2014

Stack Genius & 00's Dance's Release in EU this week!

Releasing in EU this week; Stack Genius & 00’s Dances from Atom Republic.
Stack Genius is an innovative 3D puzzle. Find your way out of 4 different colored mazes: lay down giant wooden blocks in the right places, to get past obstacles and reach the goal… The game will reward you with lots of new puzzle-solving blocks of different colors and shapes, and a trophy! You can even decorate your personal space with the Stack Genius blocks as standard furniture, and use the blocks creatively in any space you own to make your own constructions!

**We might have building contests with prizes in the future to see who can make the most interesting block design! Check out the Stack Genius website at , where we will keep posting updates, images and news!

If you liked the 2000s decade, you’ll love Atom Republic’s latest creation, the 00’s Dances! We bring you 4 dance packs inspired by the Noughties era: the Modern Country dance, the Cha-cha step, the High School dance, and the 00’s dance moves collection, itself consisting of Heel-Toe, “Pop, lock and drop it”, and Krumping.


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