Thursday, 1 October 2015

When Will the Game Be Out? Why Not on PS4?

We know our community is excited for the Beta release of Atom Universe, and we are often being asked when Atom Universe will be out on PS4; and why is it being released on PC first, not PS4?
Let us try to explain the two (PS4 and PC) different methods of introduction; one requires release through a corporation with strict standards and a quality assurance process, and the other is through a mostly unregulated entity. In order to release a game through Steam on PC there has to be enough interest in the game for acceptance by Steam. On the other hand, when submitting a game to PSN for release it has to go through a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process before they will allow its release on PS4, which is often not a quick process. During the QA process, the game goes back-and-forth between Sony and the developer, and is ongoing until both parties are satisfied with the outcome. This can take an undetermined amount of time.
In addition, QA processing is independent for SCEA and SCEE, because each entity have different criteria for the QA process. Unfortunately, there is no set period for how long it will take to go through and finish the QA process, which in the end leaves us unable to provide a release date for the game on PS4.
We assure you we are working hard to get both the PC and PS4 version out to everyone as quickly as possible. Currently we are in alpha testing for the PC version of Atom Universe and we will have a closed beta on PC within the next few weeks. Our hopes are to get the game through the Sony QA process and do the same on PS4 at some point within the next few months. We should have the closed beta out very shortly on PC through Steam for those community members that have donated to us at the Atom Evangelist level that allows them to participate in the Beta for Atom Universe.

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