Monday, 10 August 2015

Woodland House Video Update #1

As we continue to work on many of our works in progress, we like to share with you the different stages projects go through. Here is the newest W.I.P. Woodland House update video, we hope you like the newest features Paul Rance, our Senior Artist, has added.

On an additional note - we want the Atom Universe community to understand that by sharing with you our W.I.P. on various project's for Atom Universe, like the Woodland House and avatar's, we are trying to provide you with an idea of what the future will bring to Atom Universe.
Even though we share W.I.P. images or videos with you, please keep in mind that these projects may not be ready immediately upon initial beta release. As we have mentioned previously we will be adding new features to AU in further updates, approximately every 2 months. Releasing a game in beta is all about making sure things are working properly before the game’s final release. However, we still want to share W.I.P. with you so you can get an idea of what things will look like once they are added to AU.

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