Sunday, 3 May 2015

W.I.P. - Homeling® Collective White Echochrome Suit

We have another W.I.P. update this weekend! 

The Homeling® Collective is another supporter of Atom Universe and we are proud to be creating a White Echochrome suit for them so they can continue the Homeling® Collective in Atom Universe!


The Homeling® collective was founded in 2008 during PSN Home's closed beta, by "Mother."  As quoted from their website the Homeling® Collective is, "An alien race, bent on the total domination of all realms, and their intelligent inhabitants, if any... Just kidding!! A social organization that originated on the PlayStation Network's virtual community - Home."

The White Echochrome suit, which was used in PSN Home, was obtained by scoring 2,000+ points on level A of the Echochrome Arcade game located in the Bowling Alley, and Indie Park.

This is a fun group, still looking for respectful members. Quoted from their webpage, "The Collective continues to grow and await the creation of new realms to dominate on the PS4. We welcome all respective beings."

You can find out more about the Homeling® Collective, or about joining them, on their website, Fluidic Space: .

Other links to the Homeling® Collective:

Homeling Store: (Real World Homeling® merchandise)

Twitter:  @FluidicFollows

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Homelings® High Fashions Facebook page: 

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