Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Atom Republic Releasing "Romantic" & "Friends" Static Poses!

Atom Republic “Ideas” Campaign turns into a reality on Home!
Atom Republic comes out with two sets of poses Home players suggested! Back in May of 2014 we had an “Ideas” campaign asking Home players to send in ideas for Static Poses. We then took your ideas and turned them into reality, just as we promised. Here they are! * Releasing in NA next week!

Show your feelings for someone special, thanks to Atom Republic's new poses for two!  The "Romantic Poses" let you strike eight different static poses with your sweetheart: down on one knee, held the waist, lift-up, head on shoulder, carrying in your arms, cuddled up, arm-in-arm and holding hands.


Or interact with your friends using the eight "Friends Poses": arm around the shoulder, arm around the waist, side hug, carry on shoulders, piggyback, sat back to back, cover the eyes, and whisper.


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