Thursday, 1 May 2014

Winning Rewards in Atom Republic Park

Many of you have been asking how to get certain rewards, so here is the complete list, to make sure you don't miss out any!

In order to collect trophy and minikart rewards during the racing game in Atom Republic Park you need to achieve certain goals. 

·         To receive trophies you need to finish the race and place either 1st, 2nd or 3rd:

o   Gold Trophy: Arriving 1st to finish the race

o   Silver Trophy: Arriving 2nd to finish the race

o   Bronze Trophy: Arriving 3rd to finish the race


·         For the Minikarts you need to complete the race in the qualified time:

o   Gold Minikart: 1 Minute 40 seconds

o   Silver Minikart: 1 Minute 50 seconds

o   Bronze Minikart: 2 Minutes 10 seconds


·         All of those that race receive a racing helmet as a reward.

·         If you hit all the boost pads during all 3 laps of a race, you get a pilot suit as a reward.

·         You also receive a Minikart Trophy Ornament to display in your personal space, just for participating in a Minikart Race!

You have three laps to complete in order to finish a race. *If you win and place in either first, second or third, you do not necessarily receive a minikart. Receiving a minikart requires finishing a race in the qualifying amount of time.




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