Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fighting Interactions Pack!

Atom Republic’s newest Interactions Pack: Fighting!

Starting NOW you can fight with your friends in Home by purchasing our newest interactions; Smack-Down, Pump-Them-Up, Kick-Em and Trippin’.

Are your Home friends annoying you? Have you just had it with someone? Well, now YOU can get even! Try one of our newest interactions: 

SMACK-DOWN: Smack them in the face!

PUMP-THEM-UP: Pick them up over your head and slam them down!

KICK-EM: Kick them In the…BE HIND!

OR, now you can be TRIPPIN’: Trip them up when they walk by!

*Choose the randomizer to really show them who IS boss when you come at your friend with all FOUR interactions at once!

**Only sold while supplies last. See your authorized Sony dealer for further instructions on how to purchase. Interactions only available during the hours of 10 AM PST and 10:05 AM PST. The recipient must approve interaction BEFORE the beating. ***Only available for purchase on April 1st, 2013. ****Not available in NA, EU, (or any other) regions of Home.
***This is an April Fool's Day joke, no interactions packs like this have been made by Atom Republic!

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