Sunday, 12 May 2013

A lot of people are still asking me where to buy Atom Republic items. Until we have a public space later this year, you have to buy them from the Navigator and from the shopping mall.

If you're in NA, you can buy them from the navigator: in the shop column, navigate to the "New & Featured" section, then "New". Click on the Atom Republic icon on the 3rd row. Companions and dances can also be purchased from the "sidekicks" store, and clothing in the "threads" store.

In EU, the Radpetz and dances are in the "Stuff" store, and the jackets and moustaches are in the "Threads" store: both stores are located in the Shopping Mall East. 


  1. Hello, I'm a Home MVP and Home Guide, I am wondering if you will consider giving new content such as LMO's and Dance Packs to a few of the high activity Guides to demonstrate on updates, As a Guide I am often asked if I have the newest Dances or LMO's to show because people want to see them in action before they buy. If you are not sure what A Home Guide is, we are volunteers on Home and help the general population with questions and tours of apartments.

  2. Hello, sorry I missed your message. Please email and tell me which content you'd want, and we can discuss.