Saturday, 15 December 2012

Here are tonight's "developer week" Q&As, thank you @legendary_vicki for organizing and taking notes!:
Can we have motorcycles that can be used by 2 users?

It's not technically possible (yet).

Are there plans to release an apartment or public space in the future?

I am hoping to release a public space with a mini game next year. Then I could make apartments from this. There are many idea's, but maybe involving the hoverbikes and ringbikes or the radpetz.

The space in my video's is my sandbox, I could use it as a basis for the public space. (TBC).

Can we expect some more dance LMO's from you in the future?

Yes there will be more dances! In fact I will release a collection of 1980's dance moves in the new year.Accompanied by a special LMO item.

Will you consider making a tron style bike?

It is a possibility for later but I have some other LMO's in the pipeline first.

Will the mini games be free to play?

The games will be free with the option to buy some items to progress faster.

How many people work for the company as it only seems to be the 1?

I am on my own for the moment, though I get help from people with different skill sets. occasionally, like different animators to help me make the dance moves.

Can you tell us any more about this special LMO you were speaking of?

It's a futuristic, Sci-Fi LMO. I don't want to spoil the surprise, but if you're into anime you will love it!

What inspired you to start Atom Republic?

Hard question, I have been making game art for years, so that's the sort of stuff I am sed to producing. Inspiration comes from games, comics, books, pop culture. I started by doing Home development as part of my Art Director funtions as Doublesix. I really liked it and wanted to do my own stuff.

Will there be moves, other than dances?

It's possible but what sort of moves would you like? What do you have in mind? *takes peoples idea's* poses, jumps etc. I will do a very different LMO walk in January.

Is there a limit on how fast the LMO's can go?

Unfortunately LMO's speed is limited to 150% of normal run speed, but they will change this in the next SDK.

Will there be any active items for apartments?

What sort of items would you like? *listens to suggestions* I'm hoping to do a bike race of some sort but can't confirm yet.

Do you have any plans for unique creatures? As a game artist how about something other worldy?

If you check out the radpetz they look quite alien, but what kind of thing were you thinking of? Maybe some suits to go with the radpetz but not before a few months.

Where will Radpetz go next?

There will be more Radpetz in March, and then I'd like to do a mini game involving them later next year.

How about some more modern dance moves for the female avatar, similar to the Hed Kandi LMO?

Yes, there will be more modern dances, I want to release one different pack each month. with a different theme each month.

How about doing something like a Tamagotchi?

How would your tamagotchi work? Would that be a companion? 

You have mentioned having a game using Rapetz, what do you have in mind? Battling, racing?

I thought of making a minigame where you capture Radpetz, like a Safari, but maybe it could evolve into something more evolved like a pokemon/tamagotchi, but will not be anytime soon. In a few months at least.

How about some Line Dancing LMO's?

Line dancing LMO's are a great idea! Very likely indeed. We need to find a theme. What would they go with? Suggestions given would be cowboy, country themed etc..

Could you possibly make humanoid dinosaur outfits?

What's a humanoid dinosaur? Have you got a reference or example? People suggest outfits like the human lizards in Dr Who, to which he says, maybe in a few months but not right away.

What about some steampunk stuff? Like metalic skin colours etc..?

I don't think you can customise the skin color, you could do a full body outfit.

Can we get some holiday themed pets? 

I hope to do Valentine themed companions in February.


  1. Great! Just magnificent. Keep doing that wonderfull work. If alone you can do that, imagine with a whole crew! :D

    Also thanks for going to the event


  2. I like to see a series of dai katanas that go on the back and come with wielding actions, in companion slot or as hand item (black gloves please).